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Why Do We Suffer From Indecision?

Is it possible to pass from it?

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Why Do We Suffer From Indecision?
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If a person is given one week to make a decision then he will take one week to make that decision. But if the person is given five minutes to put a gun to his head, he will decide within that time! We generally dislike the word indecision. But we face this problem many times in our life. The clock is ticking to make the final decision. But we still can't make the right decision. We don't know which option we should choose.

Until the last moment, we suffer from hesitation. We don't want to miss any option and imagine that something miraculous will happen in the future. But most of the time we fail. Indecision is not a crime. But we are often embarrassed about this. Is there a way out of indecision?

Do we think before we act?

Sometimes you have to finish the work before the hesitation comes. Thoughts, plans, hesitations, or doubts - everything has to be thought about before work. Do not think in the middle of work or after work. Before doing any work, one has to think about success as well as impending failure. So those who always suffer from indecision must keep in mind, "Think before doing something".

Emotion controlling

If you want to do something positive, don't think about what is pleasant or comfortable, think about what is more profitable. Ask yourself which one do you want? Something profitable, or a happy path? This can be a difficult question for you.

So one thing to keep in mind is that we need to make the right decision. It doesn't matter how much you or anyone else suffers. Because in this real world, people don't know how to pay for emotions. One wrong decision can make you suffer for the rest of your life, while the right one can make you happy for the rest of your life.

Why does depression make us hesitant?

Did you know that depression is one of the main causes of indecision? Depression is a mental illness that is often undiagnosed. Because we are not aware of its effect or remedy. We often suffer from indecisiveness in making simple decisions, such as: Which way is faster? When will I go to bed? Shall I go shopping today? Should I go out with friends? Etc.

These are just ordinary little things. Every day we have to struggle to make important decisions. Many people can easily make important decisions. But those who suffer from depression can suffer from indecision over minor issues. They are not confident that the decision they will make will pay off. They worry a lot about future results. It takes a lot of time to figure out if their decision is wrong.

Things to do to overcome indecision:

Decisiveness is not a disease. Considering the situation, it is possible to make the right decision in the fastest time. You can keep the following tips in mind to avoid indecision.

Positive Thinking

There is also a right time to worry. For example, suppose you take a test in the classroom. Leaving the classroom after the exam is over, you get very anxious, which is meaningless. Because worrying at that moment will not benefit you. If you had this anxiety before the exam and could have taken more pressure, you would not have fallen into this anxiety today. So there are many things in life that you will not benefit from worrying about. Make a list of all such things and cut them out of your mind. Because there is no need to burden the mind with unnecessary worries.

Discuss with family members to make complex decisions. You can often get embarrassed about taking advice. So you can rely on a trustworthy person. Always try to stay positive. Speak positively with your mind. Don't think too much about anything. Because we are unknown to the future. We should be honest and leave the rest things.

Keep thoughts about profit in mind

Avoid greed. The number of people who can avoid greed is now really low. You may not have a clear idea about the stock market. You may not be well versed in how it works. But even then, if you invest all the money there thinking only of huge profits, then you must understand that greed is working inside you. So learn to judge right from wrong without being greedy.

Calculated Risk

Many people like to take risks. So they do not hesitate to risk everything. Again, many are very careful. They do not dare to do anything new. If not in danger! Some are moderate people.

By Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

So if you judge by reasoning, you will realize that it is important to rely on the situation rather than relying on one's nature to make decisions. It's not fair to assume that luck will always be with you. Therefore, it is better to take 'Calculated Risk' in all activities. Because when it fails, along with defeat comes frustration and guilt. As a result, there is no incentive to start the next work.

Maintain confidence

If you lose self-confidence in a trivial matter, then the success rate will start to decrease. Don't lose confidence in other people's words. So if you want to start a job, start with full confidence. Believe that you will succeed. Every human being has a different way of thinking. Others may not think the way you think. But that doesn't mean your decision is wrong.

Love your decisions. Love your desires. So let's plan before work. Indecision cannot be stronger than us. Get down to work without hurting yourself. You will see that you have succeeded, not failed.

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