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Be Winner and Don't be Loser

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By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Be Winner and Don't be Loser
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If you associate with losers, their reasons for failure will seem true to you and you will gradually become inactive. Similarly, if you associate with good and successful people, you will see that they have mastered many difficult tasks through Sadhana. So you will continue to acquire good qualities from them and become confident.

As humans, everyone makes mistakes. Find out your mistakes. Find out your mistakes. When you realize your mistakes, it doesn't mean you're a loser. Instead, you can identify your weaknesses to take the right steps later. Mistakes can be your guide to choosing the right path. As a result, you will feel more confident.

Do you know yourself? Are you familiar with yourself? The most important thing is to know and recognize yourself. Whether someone is with you or not, you are with yourself. Be your power. Our brain is filled with both good and bad memories. Thinking about bad memories will leave you behind. Bad memories are largely responsible for lowering your self-confidence. So forget them. Learn from past mistakes and move forward. Human needs never end. Excessive demands cause emotional disturbances. Greed destroys people. So avoid greed. When peace of mind decreases, confidence decreases.

Reduces calmness and positive self-confidence. No need to try to make yourself perfect. Be happy with what you have. You will see that your confidence will increase a lot. Are you unable to reach the milestones you set for yourself? Falling behind colleagues and friends? If you lose repeatedly, there is nothing left to say confidence. It is very difficult to get out of that situation once you have lost all hope in yourself.

People can do the impossible if they want to. People can succeed even in impossible tasks if they want. But you will not be disappointed, this is not the case. Instead of saying 'I can't do this, say 'I can do it even if it's difficult'. Failure should be taken as a challenge. Negative thinking should not be tolerated at all. Deal with negative thoughts. Transfer light to dark areas. Bring about a change in attitude.

Prepare yourself little by little to achieve your goals. You should also know your strong points. Then you will understand how hard work and master planning can achieve goals. Feeling shy to talk to friends or strangers? Are you always afraid of rejection? Fix the costume. If you wear nice elegant clothes before going somewhere in the morning, you will see that your confidence will be very fresh. A beautiful dress can attract everyone's attention. Wear quality clothing. A few quality clothes are better than an excess of bad clothes.

You have to develop the habit and persistence of winning in yourself. If you keep winning, you will develop a winning mentality. Set small targets and move towards them. Help others. What can be better than helping others? If the person whom you helped becomes successful then it will help you to gain confidence in yourself.

Optimism helps overcome all obstacles. A positive attitude or optimism alone cannot bring you success. Admittedly, these are not enough to achieve everything. We must identify the problem. If you identify the problem now and act on it with full confidence, everything will be in your favor.

By George Bohunicky on Unsplash

Fear wants to slow us down. Be aware of your goals and objectives. Set goals. A clear idea of ​​one's goals and objectives makes any task much easier. So you have to clarify your position on which issues are important and which are unnecessary or harmful for you.

Optimism means, 'Surely something good is going to happen to you.' Optimism heals heartache. We are constantly faced with difficult situations and trauma. It inevitably happens in our lives. But optimism gives us the good news that something good is going to happen to us very soon. Hope soothes the burning in our hearts. It also shows that the stalemate is about to end. Hope inspires you to keep your head held high in the worst moments of adversity. Remember, when you gain confidence in yourself, you can overcome negative moments. We can learn from optimism how to change the situation. Hope acts as a guide in our lives.


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