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Be aware of your rights

Fight with your weakness

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Be aware of your rights
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There are two types of people when it comes to rights. There is one type of innocent people and another type of aggressive people. For example, suppose tickets are required to watch a football match. You stand in a long queue to collect tickets. What would you do if a person suddenly stood in front of you in line?

But if your height is a little less than normal, then you don't have to do anything special. Accept this limitation and tell yourself, 'Height doesn't matter to be successful. I will prove that actions and thoughts are more important than physical height.' Even if the physical height is low, a person's intelligence or intelligence is never low. A man of short height can achieve the best success in the world.

If you are an innocent person then maybe he will not get angry. But if you're trying to assert your rights, you must protest against him and try to get the guy out of line by whispering. Innocent people can never say the word 'no' to anyone. They do the work of others even if their work is damaged. Even if he is late for office or class, he stands on the road for others.

People of such nature go to restaurants and eat stale food or burnt food. They do not complain about the food. Innocent people are manipulated by others. He does what others tell him to do. But those who are aggressive, follow their own will. They do not listen to what others say. If there is adulteration in the food in the restaurant, then they make arrangements for good food.

The answer is, not one!

If you always act like an innocent person then people will take advantage of your weakness. Will make you work against your will. You will have nothing to say of your own will. But if you are an aggressive person then people will not want to be friends with you. Everyone will hate you.

What should you do in this situation? You should be aware of your rights. If you are a rights-conscious person, then you can claim your rights without causing any annoyance or inconvenience to anyone. Now imagine, if you are served stale or bad food in a restaurant, you would politely ask the waiter to change the food without being rude or shouting.

A rights-conscious person does what he wants, but he does not cause undue hardship or misbehave. As these people claim their rights, they also claim respect from others. By behaving like this, you will become much more confident. You will learn how to assert your rights in the positive. You have to go through the difficult path of life. But if you don't have faith in yourself then it is more difficult to cross that path. Career, political life, family life, confidence, and belief in yourself is the greatest strength. But it is not always possible to maintain confidence due to many reasons.

By Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

When it comes to job interviews, our confidence goes down. Simple things go wrong. Lack of self-confidence leads to this and reduces the chances of getting a job. Have unwavering faith in yourself. You have the potential to do good things. Be self-critical. Those who find out their faults and take immediate action are more likely to succeed. Also, find your strengths. Your good work will make you more confident. If you find out your good deeds and practice them regularly, your confidence will surely increase.

You can read biographies of successful people. Take inspiration from the reasons behind their success. Believe that you too can be like them. Have complete faith in yourself. If you associate with bad people, you will gradually acquire bad qualities because of them.


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