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Acknowledge and accept your limitations

Feel your existance

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Acknowledge and accept your limitations
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Due to these reasons, you cannot do any work properly. You may not even understand why your performance is deteriorating. This reduces confidence. Try to make the best of every moment. And to do this you must be aware. When you notice that the mind has gone somewhere else during work, bring the mind back. Keep trying, you will succeed.

Enjoy the surroundings without worrying about anything else while driving on the road. Pay close attention to how the cars on the road look, what kind of flowers are blooming on the trees, what kind of trees are planted etc. Even if they don't work, if you practice them, you will become more focused at work. Attention will increase in office work or any other work.

Divide tasks into important, and less important. Do the most important tasks first. Don't think about anything else while working. If any other thoughts or ideas come, don't worry about them. If a very important idea comes to mind, keep a small note or diary handy and write it down. Write it down to think about it later.

Suppose, you work in a company that manufactures mobiles and watches. Abbi is working on mobile but a great idea about the watch is floating in your head. At this time, write down the ideas in a note or diary that is close at hand. By doing this, the fear of forgetting was removed. Now you give full attention to mobile work.

Many times when we are at work we often check mobile messages or computers. They distract us. Reduces productivity. So don't check notifications on mobile or computer while working. Work attentively during office hours. If any other important thoughts come to mind, write them down in the notebook. Think about it after the office. Thinking about other things while working in the office leads to a loss of focus on work. When you can focus on the current task and do what is important now, you will see your performance improve in all tasks and your performance will automatically increase your confidence.

No one is perfect as a human being. You and I have many limitations. I have seen teenagers who worry about their appearance and body shape. During this time the body structure changes and in many cases acne or pimples appear on the face. This is normal and temporary. But many children suffer from mental anguish because of their appearance. They take many medicines and use cosmetics to beautify their appearance. But in most cases, they are not useful. Sometimes they stop people from going. Begins to think of himself as small in front of people for no reason As a result, their confidence is lost.

By Andhika Soreng on Unsplash

Research has shown that confidence and behavior are more important than looks, complexion, or height in making yourself attractive to others. If a man accepts his limitations and builds his confidence based on them, that is the main reason for his attraction. Don't worry about your limitations. Don't be shy about it. Make it your strength and use it as a shield so no one can use it against you.

But not all limitations can be accepted. This is nothing but stupidity. There are two types of limitations in our life. There is a kind of limitation Which we cannot change even if we try. And other types of limitations can be changed with effort. For example, suppose you weigh 20 kg more than normal. It is bad for your physical health. Diet control and exercise can overcome this condition. But instead of removing this limitation, if you say, I'm fine, I don't need any change. Then assume you are lazy. So you should start working on removing this limitation.


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