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Consistency in words and deeds

The power of being consistent

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Consistency in words and deeds
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If so, try going your own way. Determine your own life goals. Plan well. There is no substitute for skill and planning to achieve your goals. Work as per your plan and try to implement the objective. When you can realize your goals and objectives yourself, you will find that you have become a strong confident person.

Suppose Adam and Joseph are two friends. Adam plans his work throughout the day. He talks a lot but cannot implement Joseph, on the other hand, always speaks of balance. He speaks thoughtfully and implements. Now if you are asked the question, who is more confident? Of course, you will answer, Joseph is more confident. Because Joseph can implement what Adam does not have.

Suppose further that Philip believes that it is wrong to wrongfully take something from another. But if he grabs other people's things for his gain, will you call him good? Of course, you call him bad. Likewise, if you don't match your beliefs and actions with your words, you will lose respect in everyone's eyes. You will suffer from inferiority too. This will destroy your confidence. So it is very important to match words and actions to maintain and achieve confidence. In this way, one can gain confidence in oneself as well as one can gain respect from others.

Every action should be done with awareness. Imagine you are talking to a client at an office job. The matter is very important and you convince him. But in the middle of the meeting, you keep getting phone messages or calls and you pick up the phone saying excuse me. After a few occurrences like this, your client will lose interest in you. He will lose interest in listening to the work. What happened to it? You did not perform well. While working, your full attention was not on the work.

Every day on the road that you walk the most or go to work, there are many things on the road that you have not seen! But they are always there before your eyes. Even if you are surprised to hear this is true! When you go through that road again tomorrow, take a good look at everything around the road. You will see many unseen things you are discovering. You've never seen them before. But they were right in front of your eyes. You will surprise yourself when you find out.

By Ahmed Carter on Unsplash

This is because we are unconscious most of the time. Our eyes are in one place but our mind is in another. Maybe you are walking down the street but thinking about family troubles. To give a real example, many times you have passed such a moment like you are in an important meeting or at work or class. But your mind is not there. You are imagining something else. You may be imagining an open field or the sea or something in the morning. Your eyes are open but you have no focus on the events ahead. But after a while when you come back to the present you seem to have woken up.

One of the reasons for this is that this mechanical world has made us almost like robots. Constantly doing the same thing and following the same routine, at some point, the mind wants to get lost somewhere else. Also, by doing the same things every day, they become our habits. These tasks tend to be automated. Our body is in one place and our mind is somewhere else. If you are in the house, the mind goes outside and if you are outside, the mind goes inside.


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