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Find your purpose in life and guide yourself in that direction

How to Practice Self-Confidence?

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Find your purpose in life and guide yourself in that direction
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Just as dogs become fearful after the shock device is removed from their presence, anxiety also works in humans after the threat is removed. Once in a bad situation, we do not give up. We are 100% sure of our wrong opinion. But it is possible to change the bad situation if we believe in ourselves and correct the mistakes and start again Figure out the reasons why we failed. If insufficient knowledge or skills are lacking, learn anew. But out of fear and lack of confidence, we don't think about easy solutions.

So whatever the task may be, first of all, take the responsibility yourself to solve it. If you fail in any case, find out your mistakes. Prepare yourself again. You are in control of your personality and life. Go forward with that faith. By doing this you will get success as well as regain confidence in yourself. Your self-esteem will also increase.

I've talked to many people in the job field who continue to work just for the paycheck at the end of the month. I know many friends and older brothers who earn 1000$ or more per month with jobs. They work very hard all day. Even after earning so much money, they are dissatisfied with their work life.

A few days ago I was talking to a friend about his work life. He works and earns $900 per month. But she wanted to become a professional fashion designer. But in the end, he gives up his favorite hobby for the sake of a higher salary. Now he regrets his career. He could not determine the exact goal of his life.

So if you don't know about your goals and objectives then it is really difficult for you to do great things or be happy. Just like a boat without a pilot is drifting in the middle of the river without any destination, life without aim and purpose is like that drifting boat. Go out on the road and notice that everyone is traveling with some purpose. Some are going to school, some are going to the hospital or some are going to the office. Many people sit aimlessly on the side of the road. If you ask these people why they are sitting, they cannot answer. And if you want to take any of them with you, then you can go with them.

The bottom line is that those who do not have goals can be influenced and manipulated by others. Such people do not have much of their being. Their confidence is also at the bottom. These people can be driven by other people. This phenomenon of the road coincides with our society. If you ask a person, why are you working? Then he cannot speak of any specific goal or purpose. They will say, everyone works, so I also work. If they do not work, they will not get respect in society, they work because of this fear.

By 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

Most people in our society do not know the goal and purpose of their life. They behave as society dictates them. They apply what they learn from society in their own lives. But society does not come forward with its problems. They cannot solve it themselves. But they blame fate instead of admitting their failure. But the fault is not fate. It's their fault. They do not make any plans on their own. They do not have a clear idea about the purpose of their life. Most people in society have no passion.

From the workplace, and school-college to personal life, the picture is the same everywhere. We forget the power and right to make our own decisions because we give more importance to others. And this is one of the reasons for losing faith in yourself. So we have to decide our purpose in life first. Ask yourself, what you think, what you do, and what you hope for in your future life — is this what you want for yourself? Or being affected by public shame or pressure from society?

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