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Who "Narendra Modi's Mother Hirabaa modi"

Unforgettable Modi's mother

By pravinkumar sathliyaPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Prime minister of India and Mother Hirabaa modi

Prime Minister of India, was born to a family of grocers in the small town of Vadnagar in Gujarat, India. His mother's name was Hiraben Modi, also known as Hirabaa Modi.

Hirabaa Modi was a homemaker and raised Narendra and his siblings with the values of hard work, discipline, and patriotism. Despite having limited education herself, she placed a strong emphasis on the importance of education and encouraged her children to study hard and strive for success.

Narendra Modi has often spoken about the influence his mother had on his life and how she instilled in him the importance of public service and selflessness. In a speech he gave at the United Nations General Assembly in 2014, Modi referred to his mother as "the most enduring influence in my life" and credited her with teaching him the values that he holds dear.

Despite being the mother of the Prime Minister of India, Hirabaa Modi lived a simple and modest life. She was a devout Hindu and spent much of her time participating in religious activities and serving the poor and marginalized in her community.

In addition to her religious and charitable work, Hirabaa Modi was also known for her cooking skills and was renowned for her delicious vegetarian dishes. She often cooked for her family and also for the many guests who visited their home.

Hirabaa Modi passed away in 1998, but her influence on her son's life and political career has continued to be felt. Narendra Modi has frequently spoken about his mother and the values she instilled in him, and he has often paid tribute to her in his public speeches and statements.

Narendra Modi has described his mother as a strong and independent woman who faced many challenges in her life but always persevered. Despite living in a time and place where women were not always afforded the same opportunities as men, Hirabaa Modi managed to raise a successful and influential son and instill in him the values that have guided his life and career.

Hirabaa Modi's influence on Narendra Modi is evident in the latter's emphasis on social and economic issues that affect women and families. Under Modi's leadership, the government of India has implemented a number of initiatives aimed at improving the lives of women and girls, including a program to provide free gas cylinders to poor households and a scheme to provide affordable credit to women entrepreneurs.

As a mother and homemaker, Hirabaa Modi played a vital role in the upbringing and development of her children. In addition to providing love and support, she also taught them valuable life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and financial management.

Despite the demands of raising a family and managing a household, Hirabaa Modi also found time to engage in charitable work and serve her community. She was known for her kindness and compassion, and often opened her home to those in need.

In addition to her maternal responsibilities, Hirabaa Modi also played a supportive role in her husband's business. She helped manage the finances and assisted with the day-to-day operations of the family's grocery store.

As the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has frequently acknowledged and paid tribute to the sacrifices and contributions of his mother and all mothers in India. He has recognized the vital role that mothers play in the upbringing and development of their children, and has implemented policies and initiatives aimed at supporting and empowering women and families.

In conclusion, Hirabaa Modi played a crucial role in shaping the life and career of her son, Narendra Modi. Despite facing many challenges and having limited education herself, she instilled in him the values of hard work, discipline, and public service, which have guided his life and shaped his approach to leadership. Hirabaa Modi's influence can still be seen in Modi's policies and actions as the Prime Minister of India.

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