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What would you do if the Grimm Reaper walked in YOUR shadow?

by Jessica Sheely 2 years ago in advice
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Do You FEAR the Grimm Reaper?

What would you do if the Grimm Reaper walked in YOUR shadow?
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Lurking in the shadows of your life, you notice that the shadow you see isn't yours. You sit there and stare and realize the shadow you see is the Grimm Reaper, just lingering until it is time to go. Did that give you chills down your spine? If you answered yes, then my friend you have been fearing Life this whole time. In fact, we all have but that's because Life was covered by the illusion of Death. Still thinking I might be a little coo coo in the head? Ok well have you ever had the "Dying Speech" from the doctor, or as I call it the "Natural Death Sentence" I call it this because that how we act when were told were going to die. Doctors give a time frame and us humans just take it in and do nothing but wait for the clock to count down. We fear Death because in reality we fear to live our lives. We have expectations and Death is used to keep us scared so we can meet those expectations. When that's the illusion, we are who we want to be. Why does it take Death to make us want to live? Is it cause we know our time has come so, we accept death and learn nobody can stop us from living our OWN life? While you let that sink in for, I will share with you my journey about life and death, and then you can be the judge of which one we really should be fearing. A year ago, I got the "Dying Speech" from my doctor. She told me that I had three months to live if that because my body rejected food. I was starving to death and still am. She told me one fact and its very true and I should have fought harder with it. She told me that even if I ate that starvation will catch up to me, unless they figured out the underlying source that caused this illness. Well, that doctor didn't, I did research of my symptoms. I know you don't got to scream it, that is the worst possible thing to do? Wrong its how you do it, if your just picking one symptom or choose the first scenario you see then yeah, definitely don't do that. I am saying actual research, only you know yourself better than any doctor. I found one thing led to another until I was finally right. The bad side to that is, I was to late. This illness has progressed to the point that doctors think it will reject the treatment plan. I walk with the Grimm Reaper every day. I never know when he will take me with him, doctors gave me up to 6 months, I doubt I will make it that far. My only problem is that I am scared to die but not in the sense we were taught. I am scared because I didn't spend my time living my life while knowing I was going to die. About 6 months in, I have a quote I live by everyday and maybe it will inspire you to do the same. The quote is "Live the Life You Love the Most."

With that quote in mind, we need to stop worrying about expectations you think you have to meet and start enjoying the little things in life. So let me ask, do you still fear the Grimm Reaper? I think the Grimm Reaper is a reminder of how much time we spend worrying about Death. Time will come for US all and we can't change that. Instead we can change how we spend that time while we are living Life. I have one more question for you my friend. Are you still going to fear Death or start living you Life?


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Jessica Sheely

Cherishing Life One Day at A Time. Never know when your last day will come so live life like it was the last day to live. How would you spend your day if it was the last day?

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