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Time can only tell

by Jessica Sheely 5 months ago in Humanity
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Does Time exist only because we give it the value to exist?

I know I sound like I am off my rocker on this theory. I understand what everyone one is going to say about how time does exist and that there is proof. Well my friend, you would be absolutely correct in society's way of life. Let me explain and then you can be the judge of it. I am not trying to persuade you into thinking I am right and everything you learned is wrong. This is just my theory and my opinion about time.

Let's start off about how you can see time. There are many different ways this is possible to see. First is when you wake up what is the first thing you see. You see the sunrise, and you know that is time to wake up and start the new day. Well, about twenty-four hours later the sun is gone and the stars are out. Everyone knows that it is time to go to bed the day is done. Another example of time is with humans. You start out as a tiny little helpless infant and as time goes by you get taller and physical appearances start to change. You may not notice changes in a day or a week, but by golly in about ten years, you can see the difference. Now that we all know that time exists let take it a step further.

Have you ever been told you had so much time to live or had to watch a love one listen to that death speech by the doctor? Have you ever felt like your body is acting more than your age or less than your age? For example, a seventy-year-old woman should be easy doing daily activities because she is more prone to breaking a hip or knee or falling. Or having anemias or cancer, or other health issues. As to where a five-year-old does not have to worry much except viruses that they make vaccines for. If they fall and break a bone, they heal faster. What about people that are born on leap year, are there first birthday technically four years later on February 29th, or are they still consider having the birthday like everyone else every year?

My point of this is to many factors come into play, that is why society has a big role how time is created. For example, with the person with 6 months to live according to our society time, what would happen if we could not tell time. Would that person live longer? one they would not have to worry about that patient counting down the days of when it could be there last day. Or if we never started saying how old people were by the days created by society. What if there was only 500 days in a year or 200. Then what that would be different.

People know that time will come to an end for them, but the thing is it never stops after that. Time will always continue to keep going and going so how do we have the opportunity to say this is true. Now a days people look forward to being in their 80's when they die when reality they can be 100. I feel like when we put a limit on things especially life we start giving up. Now this is a religious thing I had found out, not saying it's true or not or if it is your religion or not. It's not something forced upon anyone. I found out that Adam and Eve, after eating the apple tree from the forbidden garden live to be over 600 years old. The point is that society helps create stressors that help us age quicker. Living is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not worry about when we are going to die and what accomplishes we had done before we died. So, I want everyone to think that if we could not tell time do you think it would make a big difference on how long a person would live. Now saying they eat right and exercise and lived a happy life. I rather see a child that passed away not knowing how old they were but knowing how happy they were. Things happen for a reason and putting a limit on life is not part of that reason. But again, this is just how I feel after thirty years of living and having been told I'm going to die four times and still pushing on for the past two years makes you wonder more about time itself.

This is just a thought to think about as you get older. Thinking of all the fears or phobias you have encountered over the years that could have been changed if we did not know time existed. Or if we did not put a mark on time. Time is not going anywhere just everything around it is.


About the author

Jessica Sheely

Cherishing Life One Day at A Time. Never know when your last day will come so live life like it was the last day to live. How would you spend your day if it was the last day?

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