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What we sow we shall reap

Evil comes back to the owner

By alex kimuyuPublished about a month ago 3 min read
What we sow we shall reap
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Once upon time there was a farmer who lived near a city. One day he sold to a baker pound of a butter. After some days the baker make up his mind to weigh the butter to check its weigh if it corresponds to a pound Unfortunately from the scale it was less than expected to his amazement.

The baker got angry since he thought it was pound and decided to prosecute the farmer by taking him to court. During the court session, the judge enquired from the farmer if he was using any form of measure.

He replied, your honor I did not go to school and I don’t know how to use any. However, I got a scale which I usually use.

Out of curiosity, the judge asked,” how to weigh to ensure it exact a pound of butter? “

The farmer responded,” your honor, before I commenced selling butter to the baker, initially I was buying a pound of bread weighing from the baker. Every day, when he brings the bread, I put on the weighing machine and use the same weight to measure the butter. Therefore, baker is the one to blamed since I used his measure “.

Lessons learnt

In this life, we get what we give to others thus karma.

Thus, in anything you do you should ask yourself these paramount questions: What am doing will I be happy if someone does it to me with exact measure?

Dishonesty and honesty are virtue which are developed with time. Thus, some people will use dishonesty and lie with great confidence. Also, others go to an extent of forgetting the truth and making the dishonest habits their norms. But they are just deceiving themselves .

From the story, the farmers admitted his lack the basic education and using the bakers own scale was great idea.In addition ,being with just a limited school life ,he decided to be transparent in the court concerning the methods he used in measuring the pounds of butter. Also, from the story it teaches us to be honesty in all our endervors even when faced with difficult or challenging moments.Thus,when you practoice honest it will tend to build trust while distrust and complication will be brought by use of dishonest .

Another Story

Once upon time there was a old woman who needed to widrew money from an ATM.Upon reaching the bank ,there was a long que.The lady greeted the ladies and responded well by allowing the woman to widgre first the money since she was sick .Howver, the lady who was on the first line responded harshly that she will not allow the lady to withdraw the money despite being requested by other que members. She demanded to join the que arguing its not her mother and she should wait.

The lady got angry and slapped the other lady after being requested to allow the old woman to withdraw .After some days the lady got surprise of her life when she was introduced to the mother-in -law to be .It was the old woman whom she failed to allow her to withdrew the money.

moral of the story

in life ,we meet all kinds of people and its good we be wise in all aspects. Using the law of karma, the old lady rejected openly the bad mannered woman to be married by her son. Thus, in life time and season changes ,if in you in a good position do good and leave a legacy that be admired by many people. The lady failed to get her man of her choice due to her disgusting behavior.

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