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By Ty ZabelPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Aging is required, growth is choice!

Reflecting on 2019 I realize that have had a lot of peaks and valleys in my life. Not all for the good and not all for the bad. The real point is I had opportunities for growth! Every experience I go through is a way to reveal new understanding about myself. That being said I want to share some of my trials and tribulations that have helped to shape my view of the world.

2019 started out with hope and happiness. I was in a role where my fulfillment could not be measured it was literally off the charts. I was serving American Veterans as a service officer in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. My role was to listen to their concerns and translate the information into Veterans Affairs lingo to build a claim. This may seem like an easy task, but all you have to do take one look at the six pound regulation book and quickly summarize this is no easy task. Especially when dealing with high emotions from Veterans.

I have personal insight, I too am a 20 year Air Force Veteran and I can connect and relate much easier because that life style is part of my DNA. The DNA that often causes others to wonder why Veterans are aggressive, passionate or sometimes disengaged. All of these are parts of the transition associated with being a Veteran and trying to figure out how to adjust to a new lifestyle.

As part of my personal growth in 2019 I didn't have a word to guide me. It is obvious to me as I reflect that I can see where I needed focus. As 2019 rolled through I realized that my had untapped potential. I had something to give to the community around me and I posses the talents to impact further reaching places around the world. I say this with humility, as I know if you are reading this so far you could get the wrong impression. My intent is to help you realize that you too have the same talents, desires and ability to make an impact.

Sometime in April through May I had a spark of fury and rage inside me. I instantly recognized what that spark was and I knew I had to make a life altering change. Not just a simple change, rather a radical change in my life. The decision was hard. Not a simple flippant decision. I realized that after 22 years of marriage I was a different person and the person that I had spent the last 22 years with was different too. In June I decided it was best to part paths for good. My children were very upset with me and didn't understand. I hope one day they will. I will do everything in my power to ensure they know who I am and they are loved by their father.

I took an opportunity to within my agency to climb the ladder where I felt as though I was being led and I could make a bigger impact in my role and responsibility. That role led me to moving 2.5 hours north to a new city and new surroundings. I didn't know anyone and I had to essentially start all over. This is not totally new to me. In my service I moved frequently and have gotten used to picking up and creating a new life.

The new role was exciting. I was part of a team to support Veterans in a long-term care center. The center had multiple areas for growth. Starting in new with a fresh perspective I also realized that I was now free with nearly unlimited potential. I took the moment to take on new challenges. My challenges centered on starting my remaining courses for my Masters Degree, start my required internship for a position as an administrator, start working on my second book and then jump into fulfilling my dream of six years to become a John Maxwell Co. certified speaker, coach and mentor. This many irons in the fire at once, required me to put in excess of 80 hours per week. I was alone and had nothing to tie me down. My release was often times found when I made sure my visitation with my boys occurred and still occurs every other weekend.

Now at the end of 2019, I graduated from my Masters program, finished my administrative school for Long-term care, second book is with an editor and I have started my non-profit to aid Veterans and their families as they transition into a new life following military service.

My point for 2019 is simply this, follow your dreams. Make them a reality. Your own reality and do what makes you happy. In 2020 my word is engage. I plan to be engaged with my audience, my boys and strive to laugh more. I may not know you yet, but I will be purposeful to engage with you. I ask that as you follow me, follow me for who I am not for the sake of getting likes.

Humbly in your service...


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