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What Happens When God Speak to You

Open Your Heart to Him

By Jenny KingPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

Whether you can feel it or not, God is with you. God is omnipresent. What amazes me often is whenever I receive a prophecy, there is always "I am with you."

If a child is raised by both parents and is nicely treated, the child can have a relatively good sense of safety. Some people have more anxiety and fear in their hearts than others. Honestly speaking, we felt into this kind of emotion from time to time. Sometimes, even the changing of weather can impact our conditon and bring us restlessness.

I think the fundamental reason for this is our original sin. We become estranged from God after the fall of Adam and Eve. We are not familiar with the state of being fully filled by the Holy Spirit and able to communicate with God. There are so many filthy and sinful thoughts inside of us preventing us from an intimate relationship with God. That's why we need to practise godliness. We are just little children spiritually in front of God, so we need to constantly listen to the comforting words from God.

When we start our faith, we are told we need to listen to God's words instead of reading. When we listen, we are objects. When we read ourselves, we are subjects and we may tend to judge everything according to our sinful lens. Our hearts will become humble when we listen. We will enter the mode to receive grace from above and adjust our thoughts to the minds of God.

Romans 10: 17 Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.

God is willing to speak to us when we listen to him. The Holy Spirit knows our hearts and speak to our hearts to help us differtiate right and wrong. We tend to live on ourselves when we live in the world. But we need to be corrected by the word of God and receive the truth to our hearts.

When God speaks to us, the Holy Spirit will quiet our hearts. What is most important and instant result is we recover our faith toward the love of God. Faith is to receive the love of God. In face, the love of God is unchangable. But we tend to lose our faith due to various reasons. Sometimes we may hurt and have conflicts in our relationship. Or we may face many unexpected difficulties. Whatever is in your heart, the Holy Spirit knows everything. And when we become quite in front of God and listen to him, the Holy Spirit start to work through the messages we listen and the scriptures we read to organize our thoughts and fill our hearts with the right truth.

No matter what the message, God is speaking to us and Holy Spirit is convining us one truth. That is God loves us and he cares about us. When our hearts get that words from God, we will recover faith instantly. When God speak to us, our soul will instantly respond to him and realize he is with us. Everything I went through is under his providence and governance. Our souls will only feel safe when we realize his presence. We will not be afraid again whatever the situation looks like.

What pleases God is our faith. God is looking for people with faith. God hopes we can trust in him. We may be thrown into the reality we dislike or lose faith to keep moving on. However, God can give us strength and transfer our minds to let our faith become the ground he can work with. With the transformation of our hearts, God can do miracle to tranform the environment. God can bring revival in the place where there seems to be no hope at all and where you feel it is too dry or too difficult.

When God speak to us, he reminds us who we are. We are his people and his children. He reminds us we have the victory instead of the failure. He refreshes our heart with the best memory we have with him. I presonally believe God treasure our good memory with him more than we do. The Holy Spirit plays those in our minds and encourages us. Yes, you can. Look how hardworking you were. Look, how much you love God. Look, how great things you have done. He motivates us with the most vivid and wonderful visions when we lose hope. He recovers our passion and our godliness toward him with his faith toward us. He still trusts us when we feel we don't deserve anything. He came to forgive us first when we feel we have sinned too much and went too far away from him.

Again and again, he strengthen us from our failure and our discouragement. Step by step, he is there speaking to our hearts to increase our faith. He establishes us and holds us firmly in his hand when we want to give up or run away. We realize it is not by our might but by his spirit. Let us move on with a peaceful heart and entrust everything to his hand. Let us don't rely on our strength and take it easy in you to run his kingdom. Let us witness the work of his spirit and give him all the glory and gratitude.


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Jenny King

Hi, welcome! May grace and love fill your heart everyday! I would like to share my chrisitian journey, my grace and lessons from God with you here. I am a prayer person. When you pray, you may taste the glory of heaven!

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