What do you think real happiness feels like?

by: Annaka Daehnke

What do you think real happiness feels like?

There is a moment in everybody’s life where happiness washes over them. Maybe at that moment they do not realize that it is happiness. Sometimes it just feels like contempt. Sometimes it just feels calm.

Staring at the ocean watching wave after wave coming crashing back to shore and then running away again, relating heavily with the water. Walking further into water, ignoring the pain the cold inflicted to my feet. There’s a moment when you relate to the world so heavily, and it is the scariest, and most amazing moment in your life. It feels like you are a part of something so huge and unknown.

The ocean runs away and takes a break for a minute, which we have all done, but unlike the ocean some of us do not come back. Some of us run and continue to run forever, but similarly to the ocean I come back and restart the process with a different view. People need a break sometimes, whether it is a mental day, or drawing, or something along those lines. For me, getting out of town and taking a break from the regular life I know is my break. Taking a moment for yourself to really think and breathe is essential to life.

It is essential not getting too caught up in the workload on your shoulders, the people you are surrounded with, and what is going on with the world. It is important to look at what is going on with different perspectives then the present one you are in. That way you can see what is really going on, and not what you think is going on. You take each moment as a wave, knocking you off your feet and carrying you back to something you know. Realizing that the Earth is amazing as well as the ocean, and that your problems are as important as solving them.

Staring out at something bigger than you, something more dangerous than anything you have ever known, is euphoric. It takes your breath away with each wave that comes and goes. Each moment you're standing there and feeling the wind whip through your hair, is unworldly. It blows your mind to know you are on the edge of something millions of people looked at and thought about differently. People have thought about it happily, and sadly, and every other way you could think of.

It is extreme happiness when you feel the waves hit your legs and feel your balance rock a little. The possibilities in the ocean, the possibilities beyond you wash over you at once, heavily. You are standing in something so solid, yet so liquid, and so interchangeable. This is another thing that I relate to. Interchangeability is like the seasons; you have to be able to change with the seasons. You have to let go of winter, and let in spring. The need to accept change, and embrace change is something we all need to grasp.

True happiness is when you relate so heavily with something people love so much. It feels like you have no problems or disasters, or unbearable weights on your shoulders. True happiness is an out-of-body experience. It is an experience that you never could have imagined. True happiness for me is standing at the edge of the ocean, looking out at the possibilities and knowing that there are that many possibilities waiting for me when I go back to where I came from.

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