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What Do You Like About Yourself?

“The Things We Don’t Always Share”

By AdonShar For RealPublished 2 years ago 7 min read
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The reason I like this topic is because not many people like to answer this honestly. We aren’t in class, a meeting, and this isn’t for some teacher asking you for a quick journal entry. When you look at yourself, what do you see on the inside and outside. Will you be creative and let your hair down?

I was very shy when someone said that to me. I didn’t understand it at the time it was addressed. I learned about some characteristics which are unique and different than most people.

Regardless of how I felt in the past, I shine the light on what I truly see now when I look in the mirror. Before I could be truthful with the world. I had to be strong enough to admit, “I am enough!” Below are some things I reflected on and feel others can too.

List Some Things You Like About Yourself & Why?

Personality- I like the fact that I am not like everyone else I meet. I like problem-solving the craziest things in the world that no one wants to do research papers on. When you look at me on the outside you see someone who stays to themselves. Really don’t like to be bothered, or like to be alone all the time. In reality I am the opposite of that. I have learned to only associate with people on my level. I have left the toxic situations behind me and moved forward to being around like-minded individuals. People who share the same interest as me. When I elevated and learned more about me, my surroundings and set of friends changed. No I don’t feel bad or care if others do. You get what you put out and my time is from now on going to be used to benefit me and not stress me.

Authenticity- I am trust worthy, original, dependable, and faithful. The things some people us to criticize me for not knowing who I am. Trying to make me feel like I was everything but that. When I looked at why they felt that way. It didn’t matter because I knew what this meant to me. I have told (white-lies): just like many of us. I realized no one should be all up in your business asking questions you really don’t care to share. So don’t ever think when I talk to you and your asking me a questions I’m supposed to engage with strangers and be absolutely authentic knowing you aren’t.

Creativity- Over the years my talents, passion, and motivation to be creative in whatever I set my mind to has expanded. If I want to create a business, website, piece of art, or do a DIY project I am able to focus and get to it with no problem. Every day I see that I can be what I want in life. The things I never thought of doing I finish it with ease. You have to plant the seeds in your work, then slowly watch it grow. In time you will see the fruits of your labor turn into something unimaginable.

Leadership-The journey to being disciple started with me joining the military. It wasn’t an ideal thing for me since I did have other options. I chose what felt right at that time. The training and skills I received helped me with my civilian life style. I have been fortunate enough to take these skills on into Supervising positions which have made me the manager I am today. The teacher in me has allowed me to give that knowledge back and educate others grow and expand as well. Just because I know more doesn’t mean I am selfish about who I share with. If you learn something positive that great. The only thing I will not do any more is do the work for others and have them make money off of me. “When you know better you do better.”

Confidence- There were time when I couldn’t speak in public and felt that what I had to say didn’t matter much. My nerves were so tight and sweaty when it was time to have my voice be known I’d back out letting others speak for me. In the long run it wasn’t how I wanted to address a situation. My confidence grew over time when I realized that I had things to say that others could relate to. When I would be in groups when I talked it mattered. I didn’t feel little or ashamed to share my view points. The more I talked the better I became a speaking in public and saying you will not belittle me or what I have to say. For anyone who have felt like that. The best suggestion is to stand up for what’s right and let the BS fly by.

Self-seeking- I started to practice and learn about myself before putting others first. It drained me to the point I was suffering inside. When I was in pain no one notice because I hide the truth and always played like I was just fine. However, that only lasted for so long before you have a breakdown. As I learned about self-care, loving me first, and healing from the inside out. These changes lead me on a different path to stand up for what I needed to be. True to me at all times, and not people please so that they could accept me when I was the unique one.

Spiritualism- As I meditated and practiced on controlling my mind from over flow of toxic patterns. The signs and answers I needed became clear for me. When I felt stuck I didn’t pick up the phone to ask for help. I grabbed a book and studied about what it was I needed answers to. My faith lead me to a special healing journey no one could understand. I released so much pain I felt like my chest burst open with joy. The unconditional love was easy for me since it was all inside of me waiting to come out. Suffering in silence is no good for anyone. My short stories became my true life stories and much more.

Gratitude- Every day I pray, several times a day. No matter what I lost or don’t have I know in time I can always get it. Materialistic things are not my passion, I never felt like I needed to be show boating for anyone. Simplicity goes a long way when you are original and not worrying about what name you have on your body. I make my own clothes so my money is on me. Not saying I don’t wear what’s comfortable. The gratitude and love I have for God, left me knowing that I am loved for not going above and beyond trying to be something I am not. I love what little I can provide and give to others when I do have.

Introvert- Instead of focusing on large crowds, small groups allow me to be more social and myself. I love having one or two people I can share my life with. The people you hold dear to your heart keep them if they are trustworthy. If I have ever been a true friend things should have never ended. As an introvert I saw that people looked at me differently and didn’t understand I was more valuable than they were. When you have loyalty around that person will never let you down.

Faithful- My eyes use to wonder in the past and I learnt that cheating caused nothing but trouble in my life. When I realized I could be better and do a lot more. I stopped chasing after what was easy and started looking at what I needed verse what I wanted from life. Sticking to that pattern allowed me to focus on having realistic goals and seeing them through. Faithfulness to me means being devoted, dedicated, and loyal to oneself first.

Why would I share this with my readers?

People know what they do whether wrong or right. The consequences any one faces are based on your own actions. You can learn to grow and make something of yourself or stay stuck and blame others for your downfall in life. No one not even God can make a person want more in himself/herself you have to be motivated to do that. When I look into the mirror I see nothing but growth each and every day. The strength and courage I have can never be wash away. My smile and laughter will no longer be replaced with a frown. The finger is no longer pointed at me, I overcame the lies and started speaking for myself. I don’t hide behind fake accounts, steal from others, or intentionally hurt others out of jealously or want what anyone else have.

When you love yourself, your mindset is on a different frequency. I saw life in a negative way because I was around negative people who didn’t see or want better. Those characteristics are what I feel good about when I wake up in the morning. I don’t resort back to drinking, cheating, or hurting the one I love with words. As I move forward I see what I have become and why I needed to change. My lifestyle has changed so that I can progress and live the life I should have been without regrets.

Thank you for reading my blog post. Please share, like & comment!


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