Week 2

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If you fall off a horse, get back up!

Week 2

My brother turned 24 last night, so we all hung around the fire pit out back and had some beers.

Needless to say, I woke up hungover and felt like crap.

I didn't even get out of bed until 11.

When I started my workout I randomly chose a new one and called it good.

"Let's get this over with," I said to my pup that sat on the couch and watched me.

I stopped altogether five minutes later, I just couldn't get myself to commit to this new style of "dancing." It just wasn't for me, I felt guilty not completing a workout routine today so I made myself go for a walk.

Dragging my feet out the door, I walked over a mile round trip, came home and plopped myself on the couch in front of the TV. Started binge-watching a murder mystery series, I'm a sucker for those true-life crime stories.

My step counter is getting better, today alone I have reached 5,551. Just shy of the daily 6,000 that is recommended, tomorrow I think I will go back to Shaun T, I was able to at least complete his videos and feel like I got good cardio.

Tomorrow should be more promised, as I'm not drinking tonight, no hangovers equal no delays.

Week 2, Day 2: Dance 'Til You Drop

I got up with the promise of an overzealous workout.

Continuing with Shaun T's workout videos, I chose a 25-minute video focusing on hips, butt, and thighs.

Definitely was a different workout than his other ones, challenging for sure, especially since I'm not in the best shape.

It's crazy how fast you can feel exhausted during a workout routine only in the first few minutes.

Five minutes into it I was dripping in sweat.

"What did I get myself into?" I said to my puppy.

Pushing forward, I dug deep and gave it another 13 minutes.

When I found myself sitting on the floor, I knew I was done for the day.

18 minutes total was all I could muster.

Cooling off before I head off for my mile walk, I remembered to grab my step counter and I ventured off.

One mile down, 18 minutes of dancing done, and I've already reached half of the daily step count goal.

Tomorrow I will make it my goal to complete the full 25-minute workout video.

Day 3: Staying Committed

Sometimes I honestly wonder why I bother trying to schedule 8 solid hours of sleep.

If you have children then you understand where I'm coming from, it can be impossible!

Sleeping in was a crossroad I came to around eight this morning when things finally settled down. However I figured since I'm awake, might as well get up and get my work out over with, I could always take a nap later.

So I proudly got up before 10 o'clock, so that already felt like an accomplishment.

Shaun T's hip, butt, and thigh video was intense this morning! 25 minutes later I was ready to collapse. Gearing up for my walk, I set up the step counter and headed out.

40 minutes, one mile, and 3,000 steps later I made it home. Feeling good about where I'm at so far with my workout. When I finally sat down and rested my legs started to cramp up, I can only imagine how I will be feeling in the morning.

Day 4: No pain. No gain. Unless you injure yourself...

After much deliberation, my husband talked me into resting today. He says it's important not to overdo anything, especially if I'm as sore as I'm claiming. He kindly pointed out that I could injure myself if I wasn't careful. I felt like that was a good point, so today I am just letting my muscles and body take it easy.

Day 5: Strength in Numbers

I know I said I didn't need a workout buddy, but days like today I feel it would be helpful.

I am really not motivated today and wish I had that extra support system.

Sadly I have not gone through with any of my workouts or my mile walks the past two days, I feel cheated, but then again that's kind of why I was doing a "Trial Run," maybe I need to reevaluate my daily and weekly goals in order to successfully reach my end goal by summer/end of spring.

Back to the drawing board, I go.

Day 6: More Realistic Goals

I've definitely been lazy this week when it comes to my workout regimen. I am still proud of my efforts in general. I've decided after my mile walk today that I needed to make more attainable goals that I can actually accomplish.

I think I will start off this next week by working out three days a week. Won't matter which days, just want to make sure I'm getting three days a week of aerobics.

Also, I think I would be able to incorporate yoga twice a week. Opposite days I work out, so I don't overwhelm myself.

Last but not least I will try to go for a walk daily, but I feel I should plan for five days a week, and see how I go from there. If I walk more than five times a week great!

If I can stick to this routine for an actual week straight, I think I will have the motivation to continue this regimen for the next month.

Depending on my results and stamina after that month I will reevaluate my workout routine once again, making tweaks here and there, making sure I am challenging my body and mixing up muscle memory.

I am excited to start this new idea of mine, and put it to theory.

Not sure what tomorrow will be like, but the optimistic me wants to say I will start yoga, go for a walk, and complete my daily step count.

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