Wear A Damn Mask and Hug A Tree

by Karina Moumne 13 days ago in self help

Things I learned during quarantine/corona.

Wear A Damn Mask and Hug A Tree
Strawberry Hill Sunset.

Corona has offered many different experiences. The majority of which were unfortunately bad. However others experienced a different kind of journey. One where the sickness started in the mind and the antedote being to face yourself and force a change for the bigger picture. For yourself. And eventually for humanity.

Like a disease, the outcome of this journey also offers a negative or positive outcome depending on the individual. The people I have spoken too were lucky enough to receive a positive transformation. This had a lot to do with their conscious mindset. I experienced both sides. I had my negative goggles on even though I thought I didn’t, and the people around me directed my attention to it. Once I took them off, I was only then able to experience the positive outcome. Here are a few things I have learned and am learning in order to maintain this change. Evolve it, even.

1. M a t e r i a l things ain’t S H IT. Like actually. All of those coffee breaks at your favorite coffee shop next to the office where you work? Complete bullshit. All of those clothes you bought to look presentable? Burn them. It’s much more fun to dress as whatever you want, however you feel, whatever you like. The last time I was broke and unemployed, I was so down and one of the reasons was that I couldn’t buy the things I wanted or pay for the things I wanted to do. So this time, I made sure I had the money to do these things. And I did! The irony is, it didn’t make me feel as good as I thought it would. I found myself craving and participating in the activities that cost me little to none. Hiking, going to the park, meeting new people, being with my friends...etc.

Save enough to do the things your soul craves, not your vessel. I’m not crazy, we all need some money not just to live but maybe to also travel , and eat well! I went to Mexico during COVID and had a spiritual experience. Live your life. Just don’t be dumb. You don’t really need that many Starbucks coffees a day, or those limited edition Jordan’s (even though you kind of maybe do? Maybe just like eat pasta to compensate...).

The point is, buy yourself a good coffee maker and the best coffee beans and reinvent your old clothes or visit a damn thrift shop. Or like, ASOS is cheap? You’ll find that your coming up with unique pieces you can use to enhance your look. Go on hikes, take a walk every evening, cook whatever you like to eat. Make yourself a drink. You are self sufficient and you can literally give yourself whatever you like. Go nuts, my friends. Then, sooner rather than later, you’ll find yourself with more money in your account and you can suddenly afford a 3-5 day trip somewhere (go to Mexico).

2. All of our resources stem from nature. This is something I forgot. But Mother Nature has been subtly reminding me. When we went on hikes and my mind was clear, I felt the energy buzzing through my hands, my fingers. Mundane words could not describe the sensation accurately. Buzzing is as close as I can get. Our root power stems from nature. I am still learning this, with my spirit guide (shown in the ‘Strawberry Hill Sunset’). We can call her, Woodpecker. The Mayan symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

- Last night, after smoking the last joint with my brother and we were walking back, I noticed the moon, finally. And the moon brought my attention to the present. I noticed the trees, the grass, the little flowers. All decorating the pavement bridging the piers to my apartment. The wind ever so soft, and cool. I forgot to notice my surroundings that day. I gave thanks to the moon for reminding me. For grounding me.-

Nature listens to everyone and gives us sign to help. Those who set out on their personal journey begin to recognize these signs and accept her help.

Our power stems from Mother Nature. The Earth. Then branches out to the cosmic universe. Forcing our limits and guiding us towards ultimate wisdom.

I am learning how to give back her energy that I receive.

To give it back infused with love, light and nurture. As she has done for us.

3. C O MM U N I C A T I O N SK ILLZZ Bro. Basic, yet fundamental. And often forgotten.

Everyone has personal fears and insecurities they’re uncomfortable with sharing. But I recently learned that talking about these things out loud simultaneously normalizes them. It’s like fucking magic! Speaking out your thoughts helps you gain a clearer mind and you remove your self hate goggles. —only to realize that, much like you, your thoughts are like an onion. They have layers. These layers are built to protect and shield you from all your underlying fears. I thought it was childish to fear death. So I concocted other fears to mask the original. A fear of driving, a fear of heights, a fear of cockroaches.

Well let me tell you, in Mexico, I was faced head on with all three of these fears. I jumped off a high diving board into the cenote, over coming being petrified. (I have a video to show for it). I touched and swatted a cockroach off my leg, in the middle of a restaurant without yelling. But I could not drive the moped, or the car when it was time for me to step up. This broke me and I began to attack myself internally. And I shut everyone around me out. This energy was projected outwards, a violent energy. And I was faced with a decision. Either talk about it, face myself and fix the mess I made with my friend and my sister — or continue the cycle of self destruction and never overcome change.

I decided to go talk about it. In the process, I gained a new family member, a chosen one. And changed my attitude towards my blood. More than that, I realized my root fear. The one blocking my root chakra. I fear death. I fear killing myself or one of my loved ones. And that’s okay. This will keep me alert and aware. It will not stop me from proceeding onwards. I will learn to trust myself. And trust others. I will drive.

Communication is needed to build relationships with others. By nature, we are not creatures who can survive in solitude. We need a pack. I have been meeting and interacting with more new people during COVID than ever before. Lockdown taught a lot of people this lesson.

The main thing in all of this is related to common decency. Not just respecting yourself and the earth but also respecting other people. Wear a mask, with the rest of us and come to me bitching about how much they suck. Trust me, I have a lot to say and will entertain the conversation. Be kind to everyone, as a human, as a person. Start to notice your surroundings. Join in on the random drum circle in the middle of a park. You’re going to feel ridiculous, but once you’re in the crowd, that changes and you get to experience the feeling of freedom. Of letting go of the social norm and what’s considered weird. Wear the bright outfit you think you’ll look out of place in - it’s a lot of fun dancing on the outside and eventually people will gravitate towards you. Because they too, will want to feel free. Don’t be afraid to expose who you are. That’s how you’ll make true friends!

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