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Wasteland: How to turn ordinary words into hypnotic writing, and then into glittering gold?

by Be Inspired - Be Motivated 2 months ago in self help / how to / goals / advice
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How Everyone Can Use the Power of Words to Get More Clicks, Sales, and Profits

Giovitto is a world-renowned hypnotist marketing guru and one of the witnesses in the hit movie The Secret. He's also one of the three top writers in America that I admire most (the other two are Gary Helbert and Daniel Kennedy).

And what really made him famous was his hypnotic writing, through which he was able to easily multiply and turn cash out of products that had been piling up in warehouses for months!

Through hypnotic writing, he not only became a best-selling author, but also brought him endless wealth!

Ok, when you see this, you may be thinking in your heart: "He's so powerful and rich! But what does it have to do with me? He won't give me a share!"

What the wasteland wants to tell you is,—this is not only related to you, but also has a very big relationship!

Because, next, I will turn Giovitto's instant promotion of any promotional text into a gold-sucking text that can double the sales of the product, and turn it into a handful of banknotes.

Before looking at the three secrets below, let me explain something about what is hypnosis?

The hypnosis in hypnotic writing is not the hypnosis we see in magic - bringing a person out of waking state to a deep sleep.

Hypnosis here is to bring customers into a state of high concentration to guide them to buy your product or service.

The following 3 secrets that can turn ordinary copywriting into hypnotic writing are mentioned by Giovitto in a letter to a friend. In order not to destroy the original work of the master, I try to quote the original text. Added my comment in the middle.

①I speak in my head.

My first secret arguably looks weird. What I do is picture in my head that I'm talking to someone else right now, and I tell him what I'm writing, and then guess what questions they might be asking me.

All in all, I'm talking to an imaginary reader in my head.

For example, imagine why customers don't buy my product. For example, imagine in my mind that the customer is saying to me:

★Oops, it's too expensive, I don't have enough money!

★I don't have this requirement for now!

★I'm afraid I won't use it!

★I still don't quite believe it!

★Can you prove that what you just said is true?

I admit that when I do hypnotic writing in this way, I am doing a kind of psycho-spiritual reading, however, I admit that this is one of the reasons why my hypnotic sales letters are so successful.

I'm constantly rereading what I've written, and I'm constantly imagining what questions readers will ask me, and then trying to figure out how to deal with them.

My friend Winston, who is a very well-known marketing expert in Australia, once said: "When people want to buy something, they are desperate for information. They want a very detailed description. Manuals, they have a lot of questions in their brains that need to be answered, and my job is to give them the answers they want.”

This is my first secret.

Wasteland Comments: Selling is not what you sell, but thinking about what customers are thinking, what they want, what they are worried about, and then relieve their concerns so that you can sell the product easily.

②Convert to "Reader Version"

Every time someone asks me to revise their sales text, I do a "hypnotic writing translation job" in my head.

What is "Hypnosis Writing Translation Work"?

It's like reading them in a foreign language and then translating them.

The sales text that most people write is a "self version," and there's always going to be a lot of mistakes. This is "foreign language" in my opinion. And all I have to do is translate their "self version" into a "reader version".

What is the "Reader's Edition"?

- "Reader's version" is a statement that caters to readers' interests.

For example: Have you ever seen the word "we" in the sales text you've seen?

For example, "Our company has been established for 3 years" or "Our products are imported from Europe" or "Our courses are cutting-edge" and so on.

All of the above is self-writing, or what I call a "self-version," written for myself. As far as readers are concerned, it is a foreign language, which will not arouse readers' interest at all.

What I did was to translate these self-statements into a "reader's version" centered on the reader's interests.

For example, I will adapt "our company has been established for 3 years" to "so far, our company has been operating for 3 years, please rest assured that you will definitely get the most satisfactory service from our company".

I will adapt "our courses are cutting-edge" to "we will provide you with cutting-edge courses, and you will be the first to grasp the top cutting-edge information, and you will be far ahead of your competitors".

Many works will be author-centered, or "self-edition," and all I have to do is adapt them into a reader-centered "reader's version."

All in all, get out of yourself, cater to readers, and engage in dialogue with their interests.

This is my second secret.

Wasteland Reviews: As copywriters, we are the translators between the product and the customer. We want to make it clear to customers in the simplest terms the benefits that products can bring to customers.

③ Implant my hypnotic text

This is where I shine the most. A lot of the time, all I do is use my own "hypnosis book" to read what I've written.

What does it mean?

Simply put, I'll look for some passages throughout the text and start to adapt them to replace them with my own hypnotic text.

I often read a letter over and over and look for places to replace it with hypnotic text. This "Hypnosis Collection" is my secret weapon.

I think anyone interested in making money should own a book like this, because that's what it is. Therefore, I will be able to quickly write products or services in my mind, and I will be able to turn them into grains of gold through prying techniques.

The point is - this tome has given me infinite power.

This is my third secret.

Wasteland Comments: Hypnosis Collection is to collect some articles, paragraphs, sentences, words, etc. that can make people finish reading with hypnotic effect. If you want your copywriting to be top-notch, you need to collect some top-level copywriting to compose your own hypnotic collection .

You see, hypnotic writing is not as difficult as you think. You can fully grasp the essence of turning ordinary copywriting into hypnotic copywriting, and wealth will be closer and closer to you!

I am the founder of the wasteland, copywriting to create wealth, and I am good at sales copywriting. Please remember my name because I want to be by your side until you become a sales copywriter who can earn yourself a ton of cash just by writing. Make writing as easy as breathing and let profits erupt like a volcano!

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