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A Gift for the Empaths

By Danielle EckhartPublished about a month ago 7 min read

Challenge the demons that others have placed on your shoulders. You weren’t born with them. They were put there by destructive relationships. They whisper that familiar self doubt & low self worth into your ear. Keeping these demons close & expecting change is like being surprised when a flame burns you. You’re worth more than you’re made to feel by those who are threatened by you. Why do you think they want to bring you down? Or use love as a conditional tool to get what they want? Because you have something they don’t:

Strength, confidence, respect, wisdom

Some people will tell you they were hurt in life and therefore they want a hall pass to hurt others. Save your empathy, they have control over their actions & they have chosen to continue a cycle of pain & suffering.

You also have that choice. It’s not black & white or simple, something this powerful couldn’t be easy by nature. These demons have sat on your shoulders too long, their claws are deep in your skin. With a willingness to learn new patterns, you can truly grow into your full & amazing potential. And make the world better by treating others better than you were treated.

It’s not you. Learn to recognize those empty souls that wish to drain your positive, loving energy while simultaneously making you believe you’re the flawed one. If nothing else, protect your beautiful energy.

Sometimes life brings you full circle to a place you have been before just to show you how much you’ve grown.

Those who think they are the center of the universe have black hole energy.

Whether or not you had good intentions matters less than the fact that the end result was harm to someone else.

It’s not a sin to love people from a safe distance. Their chaotic recklessness and boundary-crossing is never going away.

Hustle Culture. You don’t have to monetize all of your hobbies.

If reincarnation is real, I want to be a cat in a coffee shop. That way, I can people watch without looking creepy.

I wonder what the nervous twenty-somethings will do when they are nervous thirty-somethings.

Grief if blind to time. You can hyperventilate years after the fact. You can be going about your day and one tiny unfathomable detail sends you spiraling. Allow your emotions to flow free of judgement, so they may be released out of your bones. It’s been a long time coming.

One day your 17 sitting on a beach watching a friend strum on his ukulele singing along to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Next thing you know, it’s been ten years since you heard his voice.

Sometimes when details of a painful memory go blank, it’s because the experience was so painful your brain decided it wasn’t worth keeping around. You are.

You’re not born into your potential, you have to journey out and find it. If you haven’t changed the journey isn’t over.

There is no triumph without trials and tribulations. One must first lose, somewhat brutally, to experience success in all its glory.

To forgive others is to unburden yourself from other people’s mischief. It’s not a reflection of your worth, but a mirror of their character. When you must forgive yourself, know mistakes are only mistakes if nothing was learned.

To the generations of women before me, you made a habit of tying yourself to those who betrayed you. They do not care for you, why would they? When you do not care for you.

To the generations of women after me, your worthiness is not determined by men, status or admiration. Your worthiness is a part of you like skin warm under the sun. Others have much to gain to convince you otherwise, keep glowing.

I no longer waste time on what you think of me.

I think as we age we become more of our genuine selves. The wise spend their energy focused on more of what they love instead of what they want to portray. Like wearing the sandals with the straps. I can’t wait for that era.

I acknowledge that I’m a part of a long lineage of ancestors who survived and therefore genetically persevered. I also acknowledge that these genetics are likely unreliable as I can’t find the correct house on a street if the radio is on. Seems suspicious.

If a lady is dying her hair or cutting her bangs step away slowly and retreat to safety. Do not intervene with nature.

Don’t treat people like they’ve hung the moon before you check the window.

The problem with having empathy is giving the benefit of the doubt to people you should be doubting.

To whoever needs to hear it, “sorry you feel that way” is not an apology. It’s a cop out.

Part of me wonders what Psychologists think of True Crime addicts, the other part knows how to spot a liar, examine crime scenes, interrogate and present a court case so you know, pros and cons.

Hey Siri, exactly how much eye contact is needed to assert dominance and ascend in hierarchal groups?

Most people are unwilling to be humiliatingly bad at something in order to be extraordinarily good.

It is a peculiar experience, to be standing in a crowd physically and feel more alone than you ever have. There is more than one way to be lonely.

Some people make you feel like normal is crazy and crazy is normal. When normal is normal and crazy is people who choose to confuse you to hide the fact they’re abusing you.

Be wary of those who get angry at your honesty. Those who respect you will allow you to express your thoughts free of retaliation.

There will be a day that I wake up and start believing the people who show me they devalue me, even when they try to pretend it’s love, and decide to demand better. And when they refuse to do better and try to convince me that poor treatment is what I deserve, instead of apologizing I’ll put on some pretty tennis shoes and walk.

People forget to realize that a drama queen is still a queen technically.

I can’t come to work it’s my cat’s birthday and with each of her 9 lives this is going to take 5-7 business days.

The power of choice is intoxicating. You could decide to go to work or you could stay home, lose everything and fall into a dark irretrievable depression. The option is what’s nice.

It’s called life. Just when you think everything’s goin’ your way. The winds of the universe blow just to see a little chaos.

Cruel is when a parent deprives their child of love, attention and acceptance. The unusual punishment is what happens when that child grows into an adult physically, but remains an unloved child perpetually.

Your “sensitivities” that are a part of you are far too often discounted. When others who don’t understand tell you to toughen up, remember to never feel shame in who you are. For what’s humanity stripped of its empathy, creativity, emotion and intuition? You’re not flawed by feeling deeper or processing more than others who are built differently on a neurological level… and it’s wrong to punish someone for being who they are.

Que sera, sera. With the exception that you allow me to ruminate about a five second interaction for the rest of the day.

Exposure therapy is funny to me. That the solution to feeling less afraid is flinging yourself directly into your ultimate nightmare until you slowly realize fear is a YouTube conspiracy.

That’s enough internet for today.

Currently identifies as a writer who sometimes writes but most of the time feels bad about not writing.

Extroverted enough to fill a calendar, introverted enough to realize my mistake.

Life isn’t linear, you can’t expect yourself to be consistently on the upward slope. You can only hope to be exceedingly grateful when you are and find healthy ways of dealing when you aren’t.

Every man and woman wants to live a meaningful life, and if they pursue that, the rest will fall into place. You can’t retain blissful happiness forever, meaning never leaves you.

The irony is we search for our place in a universe that expresses itself within our very souls. Ofcourse you belong, weaved into a journey that can’t yet be understood.

This book is dedicated to my fellow Empaths.


About the Creator

Danielle Eckhart

My heart lies with Fiction and Fantasy, especially when I have an unusual idea. Escapism and the art of storytelling are why I love to read and write. I want to give that gift to those who read my work, and have fun in the process!

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