Travel through time with dance

Dance is very much a language that allows us to step into different parts of time.

Travel through time with dance

Before you think I'm crazy with the title, you have to hear me out. It's kind of a concept that I picked up from a conversation. When we dance we don't really think much of anything but get caught up in the moment. Sure we could be following some choreography or have a thought of what we're going to be doing but for the most part we are stuck in the dance. It's a state of mind that we're not fully aware of until you reflect on it.

Dancing is a journey for everyone that ultimately doesn't really have a destination. Sure we can have an ultimate goal but as we continue to dance we can never tell what our true future will be. We are always creating a new future. We're fully aware of the outcomes of our actions. We can screw up we can do something spectacular that we know will give a rise to an audience. Essentially we're looking into the future because everything is so structured and patterned that we know exactly what people are looking for. We know what reactions will happen if we go out there doing a certain move.

Knowing what's unexpected also gives us a precognition into what is new. We know what hasn't been done before and we have the option of creating something new or doing the usual. We can see other dancers and already know if they're innovators or dance soldiers.

Sometimes we don't know what we're doing though. Like I mentioned before we are in the moment and sometimes we can do something absolutely spectacular without knowing. Even before today social media days there was word of mouth. The actions you perform today can be forever repeated in the future. Whether it be in dancers imitating you or word of your dance being echoed like a myth.

What I'm getting at is that the present can echo into the future without us knowing so. Being in the moment became way more complicated than I expected. It gets even more bizarre when I realize that being in the moment also means that you're tapping into the past without realizing it.

All the moves that you've learned in the past are coming back to you. You dance a certain way to certain music because you've learned the vibe a while back. All those memories are flooding back to you and you don't even realize it. How is the mind able to comprehend all of this at one time?

Special moves that you've learned in the past can be triggered by a simple sound of the song. You don't even know why. I guess it's sort of like a Pavlovian test. Dance is a funny thing because if someone asked you about the move you might even recollect who had taught you the move and when you learned it.

Dancing in the moment really has a lot of elements that go beyond time travel as well. You may be traveling to different parts of time in your mind but you're also giving out the aura that you remember as well. It's inviting because other people may join you in this aura you're emitting. As humans we mimic a lot of behaviors. Dancing is contagious to mimic. You in turn will become part of their story.

The crazy thing is there is an element of passing down of traditions with dance. The person that taught you to dance had taught you a move and this move will in turn be taught to another person that has caught you dancing in the moment. Like I said before, dancing is pretty much a language.

Continue to dance. It's a great way of passing on stories and memories. The past, present and future will thank you for it. Don't get stuck in thinking about it too much. Just know that when you get caught in the moment make sure that people are around so that you can spread your story to future generations.

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