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Understanding time and using it to your advantage

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Time is interchangeable. From the beginning of time to now there hasn't been a way to manipulate it. Of course there's movies like “back to the future” & books like "Erased" that has various depictions of time & concepts like such are used to fill & sulk in knowledge & experience.

Always moving & ever changing, time helps us to learn & grow. It provides history & proof of what's been happening in the current state. That being said it also provides invalidity & fraudulent history to which we can remember or look into. Facts or fiction time helps us see what has been working & what hasn't been working in the events prior.

Moments in history like the first president or world war 1 gave insight to what was it like before then. Questions like what came of it & why this happens. There's a common saying that says, "history tends to repeat itself." In other words, what has happened will happen again.

This is not to say the same event but a similar one. The phrase applies to which if the understanding of the past isn't acquired or isn't acknowledged then its intended to happen again. The idea in which if you're just prepared or know what happened before then you can prevent it & in most cases avoid it.

Time also becomes necessary in times of crisis because as life moves forward emotions & actions are taken place to move pass it. In retrospect, we look back to see the resolution of others so we can solve for ourselves. With information of the past we can develop a future in which we grow & become more advanced in society.

Time isn't always predicted. By looking at the past we can make predictions of future events. In short moments of time events & growth can occur to blossom into a flower. As the cycle suggests, a kid grows into an adult over the years & experiences. Through moments in time the child learns necessary elements to be independent & a contributing member of society in their community.

Time can either speed up the process or move it at a slower pace. Events can occur in which the child quickly grows up & misses out moments where the child can experience certain events. Wether it's good or bad time moves the dial & now your more probed to a mature societal expectation than usual.

Slowing down time is like taking a breath. As you breathe you feel parts of the body slowly emerge as you release tension. Time is always constant but when it feels slow it's important to be in the moment and be aware of your surroundings. When time is slow focus & instant becomes paramount in the learning experience.

When The Moment comes time is slowed down for us & our reaction determines the outcomes. Being open & positive helps us get through and experience these occurrences. By using time to our advantage we can develop ways to make the most of situations & emerge better from it.

Time heals all wounds. As time goes by we seldom focus on others but what's going on around us. We lie in wait for the next hit. The next thing to bring us to life & take us out of what feels like a hyperbolic time chamber. The reality is that we are the master of our own time. Our reactions & knowledge is all from time. The time it takes to learn, react & grow depends on us. In times of dismay & happiness we react, learn & grow because in this life called time nothing is a waste when you're apart of it.

Goosey Q.
Goosey Q.
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