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You are God’s favorite

By Faith EssiePublished 29 days ago 2 min read

I know sometimes your heart gets heavy, I know sometimes life gets really funny, I know sometimes the burden on your shoulder gets heavier, I know sometimes bad things happen for no reason, I know sometimes you consider Suicide, I know sometimes you cry yourself to sleep, your pillows get so wet! I know sometimes you keep asking why??? Why me? Why all these? Am I unlucky? Or I’m not just God’s favorite? Why are things not going as planned? Why’s my life upside down, I work so hard! I deserve a good life, I deserve a good relationship, I deserve a relationship that works, I’m tired ! I’m exhausted, your self esteem gets low, your insecurities are rising, your heart is fragile, you just want things to work! You are a good person and yes you deserve the good things of life, you deserve all of the good things life has got to offer.

I know sometimes you want to have a physical conversation or interaction with your maker, what’s holding you, what’s stopping you from calling out to God? He’s right there waiting for you, you think he’s forgotten about you? You think he doesn’t have your best interest at heart? You think he’s turned deaf ears to your cries and pleas? The Bible says come unto me all ye who are heavy hearted and I will give you rest! The Bible also says in Psalm 31:24 - Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the Lord! Isaiah 41:10 - Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

One thing I’m sure of is “weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning” let this be your motivation, hold God by his word! He cares about you, he loves you more than you can ever imagine, he knew you even before you were formed, the thoughts he has for you are of good and not evil to give you an expected end. As long as there’s life , there’s hope. You are the motivation you need, look at you🥺 look how beautifully and wonderfully made you are, look at the splitting image of God reflecting at the mirror. Because it is delayed, doesn’t mean it’s been denied!

You will get the dream job, you will get the dream house, you will get a relationship that will grow in the love of God! You will carry your own Child ,

All things will work together for your Good!

God is not a man that he should lie or a son of man that he should repent.

He loves you, he cares about you, and he will never leave you stranded, he will never forsake you cause you are his own

Keep your head up high and do what you have to do, be the best you, cause there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Register for that gym session, Eat healthy, slayyyyyyyyy

Slayyyyyy and confuse the devil! Your enemies should never know your next move, my love, try not to look like what you are going through and watch things take a huge turn!

I love you and I’m rooting for you everyday, God bless you abundantly!!!!


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About the Creator

Faith Essie

A Nigerian

I love to read I don’t like to write but when I do it’s always worth the read

I want my page to be a safe space and I’m here to keep you motivated

Welcome to my world ❤️😉

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  • Sweileh 88829 days ago

    Thank you I am happy with your exciting stories Watch my stories now

Faith EssieWritten by Faith Essie

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