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There is no way to be unhappy at the job

That's why I love my job

By Dalmy AlvesPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
There is no way to be unhappy at the job
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I wake up around 7 am and get ready in a hurry, I have to take two taxis, I arrive at the office at 8:45 am, our check-in time is at 9 am.

We do the briefing and write down the goals for the day provided by the boss, and everyone gets to work!

Content plan of September is my task of the day, I create the posts and send for approval, with the Boss we make the corrections and send them to the client company when approved and posted comes the greatest satisfaction of being a Graphic Designer, I love my job because knowing that my creativity is solving problems and contributing for the brands advertising makes me proud of myself.

Today we have the Post Story to animate an explain video of an application'' said the boss Eryxson! And I've always been one to learn new things and thank God YouTube is a school, all kinds of content you find there, ''Dalmy do you master After Effects? You have notions of animation?" asked the Boss, and I replied that I am a beginner but nothing that a video lesson on YouTube can't solve, and he said: "GOOD!

There we went with a 31 seconds video, it took me 3 hours, well I said, I'm a beginner haha, I finished it and sent it to the Boss, we corrected what we had to correct and it was approved by the client company, our check-in time is at 9:00 and check out is at 17:00 but I don't mind leaving the office at 21:00, I hate leaving work for tomorrow because we work with goals of the day, as much as I love the environment with creative people leaving every day at 21:00 eliminates your rest time and that can affect your productivity in the company.

One day in life I asked myself: "Is Design for me?" I was living a difficult phase, I was just a Freelancer and a Freelancer's life isn't easy, an hour has clients now and then not, but overcoming and getting a job in a leading agency in the marketing and design market made me look for my career in a different way, and yes, design is for me, never stopped doing any work, because I always lived on it.

''Today you will create the September Content Plan for Stories Dalmy'' Eryxson said, we will need it later today!

Ok boss!

Boss, please take a look at Slack, I sent all the post stories...


Look Dalmy, just narrow down the product description and we're done!

Yes, boss!

When I get home, as I am in the habit of following all the brands of companies we provide Design and Marketing services to, I find notification of the same... Babe, Babe look at my work, I finished it today and they already posted!

Wow, Boo I knew you would live what you always dreamed of!

I am so happy for you.

Thank you so much, my Love, now I will be able to better provide for our home.

That's why I love my job, the brands are satisfied, my family is stable, my baby is well and I am happy to be able to provide all this for them, today Graphic Design changed my life and consequently changed who I am, being so, it changed my family's life too, my mother is very far away, in another continent but she is too happy for me.

"The work dignifies the man," says the old saying and "worthy is the worker of his salary," says the Holy Bible.


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Dalmy Alves

I'm a young dreamer who seeks to make many dreams come true, one of them is to make a living from writing, I love to write about everything, including the things I love the most, so stay here, maybe you'll identify with me.

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