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The year 2014


By CarolinePublished 5 months ago 3 min read
The year 2014
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The year 2014, like a turning point on life's winding road, marked the beginning of a profound journey into the depths of self-discovery. As the curtains fell on a three-year relationship, the echoes of a broken connection reverberated through the corridors of my identity. Simultaneously, the professional terrain, once promising, seemed to plateau, leaving my career in a state of stagnation. The academic journey, once a path of enlightenment, hit an unexpected wall, casting shadows on the trajectory of my personal growth.

In the solitude of singlehood, a palpable void echoed within. Seeking refuge from the emptiness, I turned to entrepreneurship, hoping a business venture would become the antidote to my unspoken yearnings. In 2015, my small shop unfolded as both a dream and a challenge. However, reality proved less forgiving, and by 2018, the venture had to close its doors, leaving behind a trail of unfulfilled aspirations.

The professional landscape, too, underwent seismic shifts as I bid farewell to my job in 2018. Stripped of the familiar roles that had provided a sense of identity, I found myself standing on the precipice of uncertainty. The absence of a relationship, a thriving career, and a successful business left a profound emptiness within, echoing the question: Who am I without these external validations?

The ensuing years, marked by financial strain and unsuccessful job applications, became a crucible of resilience. Despite the challenges, I discovered a reservoir of time—time that I chose to invest in volunteering within the church community. In the simplicity of selfless service, I began to reconstruct the narrative of who I am, finding solace and purpose in giving back.

The turning point arrived in 2019 when I made the decision to return to school. The academic environment, with its dress code, prompted a transformation in my wardrobe—a subtle but symbolic change. The professional look mirrored the inner metamorphosis, a conscious effort to redefine myself beyond the setbacks of the past.

Completing my course in December 2020 marked the culmination of a transformative academic journey. Armed with newfound knowledge, skills, and a revamped wardrobe, I stepped into the realm of job hunting once more. The efforts bore fruit in 2021, as I secured a position in my current job—a job that not only aligned with my professional aspirations but also filled the void left by previous stagnation.

The new wardrobe, once a reflection of conformity, now became an emblem of my evolving identity. It perfectly complemented the strides I had made in my career, aligning with the fulfilling path I had chosen. The journey of self-discovery continued, and in 2021, I celebrated a personal milestone—an achievement that transcended material possession—I bought myself a car.

Still single, yet no longer plagued by the haunting emptiness of yesteryears, I embraced the journey of self-love and personal growth. The elusive dream of homeownership lingered, but the newfound contentment with the present moment overshadowed the absence of a permanent address.

In a testament to forward-thinking and resilience, I set up an education policy for my future children—an investment in their future that also reflects my journey of growth and planning. While still single, I embraced the idea of planning for the future, acknowledging that the quest for self-discovery extends beyond the present moment.

The delicate moment in 2014, marred by the breakup and career stagnation, has metamorphosed into a narrative of resilience, growth, and self-love. The journey from emptiness to fulfillment, from failed business to a new career, from renting to contemplating homeownership, is a testament to the transformative power of adversity.

As I stand in the present, still single but no longer feeling empty, the journey becomes an ode to the evolving self—a self that has weathered storms, embraced change, and emerged stronger and more self-aware. In the tale of my identity, the chapters of loss have paved the way for a narrative of resilience, growth, and the beauty of self-discovery.


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