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The Smile Blooms

A smiling face is special

By Muthukumar IrulappanPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

A smile is an expression of love, a source of affection. We must bring these sweet good feelings perfectly under the control of our government. Smiling with a happy face when we see good people and frowning when we see bad people is a good sign that we are keeping our emotions under control. We must never lose sight of it. That is the good grammar of a man!

Smiling is one of the things only sane people can do.

A smile is the greatest gift for humans that no animal has ever received.

The easiest thing for humans to do is to smile.Smiling is a solution to many problems.

Many experts have made great comments about smiling.

Smiling brings peace of mind and clear thinking.

Smiling plays a big role in concentration.

Experts say that through yoga exercises and breathing exercises, the mind can be concentrated on one point.

But by smiling that point also disappears.

When you forget everything around and smile, no other thought waves travel inside the mental fortresses.

Therefore the mind attains peace like the deep ocean. Smile is a wonderful medicine that gives many benefits to the body and mind that cannot be given by any medicine.

We have heard elders say that we should practice smiling even in suffering. We fail to realize its real meaning scientifically. Pleasure, pain, happiness and sadness all happen in our mind.

Our thoughts determine our actions and behavior.

If we think we are happy then our actions are accordingly.

If we think we are sad, our actions will be accordingly.

Therefore, if we shape our mind to be happy even in times of sadness, we can bring about changes in our actions.

Facial muscles play an important role in determining our thoughts.

Scientists suggest that changes in facial muscles during moments of anxiety can exacerbate anxiety.

Meanwhile, they suggest that altering the movement of facial muscles by smiling can make even sad moments less emotional.

Medical experts say that smiling can improve your body and mind. Likewise, humor has now become a tool to bring smiles.

But we must realize that humor is not only about smiling.

You don't need any reason to smile. For example, when we see a child playing on a mother's lap during a bus ride, it is natural for us to smile.

Even when we see the rain, the rainbow, the bright moon, the stars crawling in the lap of the night, the fountain of happiness overflows and flows like a river of smiles.

All these fall outside the definition of comedy.

However, we do not fail to smile when we realize these things. This habit of smiling should be cultivated even in sad moments.

Smiling does the job of making us happy without any need.

There is no need to decide that I will definitely smile for half an hour every day.

Smiling should occur naturally. It is possible only through proper mental training.

It is also easy to bring. It is enough to always keep the mind light. Once we start noticing the happy moments in nature and the joyful things that happen around us every day, smiling becomes normal.

By interacting happily with family members, friends, office colleagues, etc., we can bring smiles to ourselves.

When we smile, it not only benefits us but also those around us.

Realizing that our lives are diminishing with each passing day will inspire us to live a happy, smiling life instead of worrying.

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Muthukumar Irulappan

I like to write about true crime and do small investigations. I also write fiction crime and others sometimes....

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