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The Little Dreamer

A Story of Perseverance and Victory in Football

By Dinesh RamPublished 6 months ago 5 min read
The Little Dreamer
Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

Act I

Ria grew up in a small village in India, where football was considered to be a sport for boys. However, Ria loved the sport and would watch the boys play from the sidelines every day. She was mesmerized by the game, watching the players move the ball around the field with ease, scoring goals with precision and agility.

Ria would go home after watching the boys play, grab a ball, and start practicing in her backyard. She would dribble around cones, practice shooting at an old net she had set up, and run up and down the field, imagining that she was playing in a big game.

Despite her love for the game, Ria's parents didn't approve of her playing football. They believed that it was not a suitable sport for a girl and wanted her to focus on her studies. However, Ria was determined to pursue her passion for football and continued to practice in secret, never giving up on her dream.

Act II

One day, a scout for a local football team noticed Ria's skills and invited her to try out for the team. Ria was ecstatic at the opportunity and worked even harder, determined to impress the scout. At the tryouts, Ria gave it her all, running up and down the field, dribbling past defenders, and scoring goals left and right. The coach was impressed and offered Ria a spot on the team.

Ria's parents were shocked when they found out that she had made the team. They forbade her from playing, but Ria refused to give up on her dream. She sneaked out of the house every day to practice with the team, never telling her parents where she was going.

Ria quickly became the star player on her team, scoring goal after goal, leading her team to victory after victory. However, not everyone was happy to see a girl playing in a boy's sport. The other teams in the league would play rough, trying to injure Ria and stop her from playing. But Ria was tough and determined, never giving up, no matter how hard they played.


The team made it to the finals of the national tournament, and Ria was the star player. She had scored the most goals in the league and was known for her incredible speed and agility on the field. Ria knew that this was her chance to show everyone what she was capable of and to prove that girls could play football just as well as boys.

The final game was intense, with both teams playing their hearts out. It was a close game, with the score tied 2-2 in the final minutes. Ria got the ball, and with a burst of speed, she sprinted towards the goal, dribbling past defenders with ease. She saw an opening and took the shot, the ball soaring towards the net. It hit the back of the net with a resounding thud, and the crowd erupted in cheers.

Ria's team had won the national tournament, and she was hailed as a hero. Her parents, who had never seen her play before, were in the stands, tears streaming down their faces. They were proud of their daughter, realizing that football was not just a sport for boys but for girls too.

Ria's victory had inspired young girls all over India, showing them that they too could follow their dreams and pursue their passions, no matter what anyone else said.

Act IV

Ria's victory at the national tournament had not gone unnoticed, and soon she was offered a spot on the Indian Women's National Football Team. Ria was overjoyed at the opportunity and joined the team with enthusiasm. She quickly proved to be an invaluable asset to the team, scoring goals and leading her teammates to victory in international matches.

As the years went by, Ria became one of the most famous football players in India, known for her incredible skill and determination on the field. She was a role model for young girls all over the country, inspiring them to follow their dreams and pursue their passions.

However, Ria knew that there was still a long way to go for women's football in India. Despite her success and that of the Indian Women's National Football Team, women's football was still not taken seriously in the country. The team had to struggle to get funding and support, and they were often overshadowed by the men's team, who received much more attention and resources.

Ria was determined to change this, and she began campaigning for more support and recognition for women's football in India. She spoke at events, wrote articles, and appeared on TV shows, highlighting the need for more investment in women's sports.

Act V

Ria's hard work and determination paid off, and slowly but surely, things began to change. More girls started playing football, and the Indian Women's National Football Team started receiving more funding and support. They began playing more matches, both nationally and internationally, and started to gain more recognition for their achievements.

One day, Ria received a call from the Indian Football Association, inviting her to speak at a conference on women's sports. Ria was thrilled at the opportunity and traveled to Delhi to attend the conference. She spoke passionately about the need for more investment in women's sports and the importance of empowering girls and women to pursue their dreams.

Ria's speech was a huge success, and she received a standing ovation from the audience. After the conference, Ria was approached by the president of the Indian Football Association, who offered her a job as a consultant on women's football. Ria accepted the job and began working tirelessly to promote women's football in India, organizing events and workshops, and working with local clubs and schools to encourage more girls to play the sport.

Years went by, and Ria continued to work tirelessly to promote women's football in India. Her efforts paid off, and soon women's football was becoming more and more popular in the country. The Indian Women's National Football Team became one of the top teams in Asia, and more and more girls were taking up the sport, inspired by Ria's example.


Ria looked back on her journey with pride, knowing that she had never given up on her dream and had inspired a generation of young girls to pursue their passions. She had become a legend in the world of football, known not only for her incredible skill on the field but for her tireless work promoting women's sports in India.

As Ria looked out over the field where she had once watched the boys play, she felt a sense of joy and satisfaction. She knew that her dream of playing football had not only come true but had inspired countless other girls to follow their dreams as well.

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