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By Profound ChinemeremPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Start small, they say. Ask any motivational speaker how to achieve success in any field and they'll tell you the same thing; start small. Start with what you have. Embrace the process; don't despise the small beginnings.

What they don't tell you is the crushing and sometimes suffocating anguish one feels while engaging in the process of reaching one's goals. Especially in an undeveloped or developing country with limited opportunities and even more limited hope.

This anguish is difficult to explain but I'll try. It's like a bowl of drive, ambition, hope and yet frustration all boiled together in the most ruthless of flames that results in the pent-up need to scream, jump, fly, go underground and then appear on the surface of the ocean as though nothing happened; as though everything is moving along just fine and everything will be alright.

While feeling this way, motivational speeches and quotes can either be your savior or your most brutal mocker. It's honestly left to you to choose which one you would embrace; who would you receive them as a source of encouragement or as a source of sweetened lies and mockery to people who are going through what you feel the motivational speaker never experienced and as such, has no right to speak.

The reality is that even if you feel mocked by these motivational speeches and quotes, you still need to achieve your purpose; you still need to get a job, earn well and thus, live well or have a thriving business and as such, save up for your retirement and your children's college.

Whatever the case may be for you, please don't let the soul-strangling anguish bulldoze your drive and hope. I truly understand how painful it can feel to work towards something and yet it seems as though the closer you're coming, the farther it's moving away.

Choose to embrace as many motivational advice and hugs as you can. Don't be stubborn and roll your eyes; while starting up, you need as many emotional pillars as you can get!

Whenever the suffocating anguish comes up to tease you, take it as that; a tease! You can take a break from what you're doing, inhale deep clean breaths and then speak positive words into your life. It's not about it being cliche; it's about it working out for you in the end. Grumbling, depression, anxiety and anger will not solve the issue of start-up anguish. Giving up will also not solve it, so no matter how tempting it is in that moment, please don't give up.

To avoid being totally discouraged from pursuing your vision, I advice you to have and always remember the reason you started in the first place. Have that big, burning, forceful reason and when anguish rears it's ugly, bullying head, smack it down with your reason. You may not do it immediately and that's okay; take some time to breathe, relax and remind yourself of why you're doing what you're doing, gain some more willpower and then return back to face and defeat the anguish.

While building up something, whether you like it or not, you're at war with many internal and external forces, among which anguish and depression is chief. Have that understanding and realize that though you may lose some battles against them, it is of paramount importance to not lose the war because even if you give up now, anguish can still come up in another situation so it is wise for you to discover how to it off and keep forging ahead.

Practice these and you will find yourself, as time goes on, not only knowing how to cope with annoying anxieties and anguish but also how to conquer them..may be not for good but at the very least, effectively.

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