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Sex not love or what do you think?

Is raping some an act of love

By lucky egbodionPublished 29 days ago 3 min read

It is common these days, in this generation to hear this phrase, -- I want to make love to you, let’s make love, can we make love to night, we made love all through the night: when they mean to say we had sex.

There is different between love making and having sex, the phrase love making is only applicable to those who are legally married, and sex among those who are not married, especially the youth and those married men and women who involved in extra marital affairs, are only satisfying their sexual feelings and desire, not love making.

Sex is not love, but it play’s a part in the realm of love when it is done at the right time, (when married)

Love is beyond emotional feelings and active sex, love in it nature is beyond human reason, love is divine in it nature, and it is not a single action but a collections of multiple actions.

Now let me ask you a question, if you believed that sex is love, is raping an innocent girl? an act of love? or fun and undue advantage

Why is it that after having sex with the girl you claimed you loved, you go around telling other guys mockingly that you have cross her, and she cried like a baby, is this the attribute of love?

Is it love that makes a man to visit the sex hawker center? Or is it love that makes man to leave his wife at home and pay his money to a call girl to sleep with?

A 60 years old man is sexually active with a girl of 15 years old, and you call these love, when he, himself will not allowed his own daughter to do the same thing.

What will you say about those who are involved in commercial sex hawkers; will you say love is the foundation of their deeds and action? This is one question you must answer to ascertain the truth of the matters.

From your candid opinion, will you say it is love that makes a woman sleeps around with men and get paid, or a man who sleeps around with all kinds of woman and get paid, is this the act of love?

What about a boss of a company who sleeps around with his female staffs, as a guarantee for them to keep their job, will you call this love or what?

It is a known truth, that sex is not love, as being spread or made believed by some individual, books, and magazines.

Does a woman need to be force to have sex, or manipulated

personally, we had parent, do they have to fight for sex.

many people are been misled with this misconception that is tearing the world apart because of a long standing myth that people preach in order to make living

for us to live in a better society we need to tell our selves the truth as you are reading through this articles

love is pure, selfless, considerate, eternal

true love does not base on sex, or sexual feelings

is a know fact that many home and relationships has been destroy by third party sex affairs', then how can we say or believed that sex is love

Love in it totality is far- far beyond the segment of sex. Like the heavens is far above the earth, so is the disparity between love and sex.

Well, you may have your own opinion on the issue, but the truth is, sex is not love and can never be love.

Then what do you think

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