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By CrispinPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Starting September, I'm going to start challenging myself. To improve my health and lifestyle, to be stronger mentally and physically. I don't just want to do it for 30 days, but the rest of my life if it's possible. You should as well challenge yourself to improve your future. Also, you can document your challenges to see what works or what doesn't. It's all about trying to take a small step, or at least move an arm. Everybody is different from everyone around the world. They have different goals that they want to achieve in their life.

One of them would be having a cold shower during the day. The challenge might be difficult since the fall season is starting. Matt D'avella, a YouTuber did this challenge, and he is the one I got inspired. The same rule he put on himself, I will follow as well. This challenge would be done by the morning after running. When I take a shower, I usually play music. You can also hear something while you take a shower, for example, a podcast or even an audiobook. There are also benefits to taking a cold shower. One of the reasons is that your immune system gets stronger. Which is great, because the cold season is about to start. One thing that I don't like about the cold season is that I could get sick. I don't like feeling weak and not do anything but just lying in bed.

The second challenge would be waking up early in the morning, and having a schedule to follow. Ever since school started, I've been waking up early in the morning, and having a plan to follow. The only difference about it is that I'm going to do some productive things, and not wait in my bed using my phone. Also, I'm going to have about two or three hours of sleep in the afternoon. It felt good after that nap cause I already tried it.

The third challenge is reading every day for about an hour. I still don't have a book to start reading. The book that I want to read is something useful or inspirational. Right now I'm not in school, because I'm going to Bootcamp. Usually, I would be at college studying for my associate degree. I wanted to register this semester, but wouldn't fit in my schedule. While I wait for my Bootcamp date, I'm going to challenge myself. I want to learn something that will help me in the future. Another reason is that my reading and my grammar are not great. I've heard that it helps if you read. I don't know how many books I'm going to read since I get bored. The only rule is reading for an hour, which sounds easy. I'm also going to write some notes that I would want to remember.

The last challenge is running three miles every day. I've started running this past year, but not as consistent as I want. Usually Saturday and Sunday I don't run and spent my day sleeping. Running is not the hard part. The hard part is the willingness to go outside. I listen to music or sometimes a podcast. It also has to do with my diet. What's the whole point of running if I'm going to put in more stuff. I believe that's the hard part of the challenge.

Everything is to improve my health, or at least try something new. You can also improve your health, or your future, or at least do something for your life. You don't have to do these challenges. You could do other things that will help you.


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