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The Lost Princess

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By CrispinPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

Long ago there was four kingdom that ruled around the world. From time to time everyone was on peace but when new kings heir the throne there was war. Sometimes the war was a misunderstanding which led to millions of death. Other time was for the territory they wanted or wanted to have more power. From era to era there was a war between the four kingdoms until the king of the west. With his intelligent, he stops the war with the North by giving them a part of their land. To the east, he gave them some of his ocean territories.

The south didn’t want to listen to the west, all they wanted was the whole land. It was three against one which south lost. At the end of the war, the king from the west gains more territory. Everyone adores the king that protected them from the south. The king who brought back gold and diamonds. Everyone was happy for the king when he married a woman from the north. The wedding lasted for a week the party went day and night. The couple dance to the rhythm of the song. They knew that at that moment they would spend the rest of their life together even if its arrange.

The couple had five beautiful male and a little girl in their castle. All of the male kids are train to be knights. The oldest was raise to be a future king of the land.

Reuben the oldest one had to take care of his siblings, a task he had to learn. To take care of his own, to gain respect not because he was the oldest.

The second child was a troublemaker always trying to mess the castle. Even if he is causing trouble, he knew his place. Train to be a knight to stay by the side of his oldest brother. Simeon, if he's not causing trouble you could find him in the training room.

The third child was the only quite kid between his siblings. Everyone knew he was going to a healer since all he did was reading all the old medicine books. Most of the books were about herbs or the human body. He was still a prince, so he had to learn how to fight just in case of a war. Levi, he was always with his brother Simeon, no matter where he went. You could see him in the training room sitting in a chair with a pile of books on his right and left.

Judah, the fourth child, born to lead, he was well respected all around the kingdom. The head of the guards at a young age he gains the entitle. From the beginning, he wanted to be the general of the kingdom army.

Dan was the last male child of the king who loves cooking. You could always find him in the kitchen or the gardens. A man well knows among the ladies as the husband material. His brother always teases him saying that a female would want someone stronger not someone who can cook.

Little did they know he has a line of the beautiful female wishing. He's still the son of the king which he still has to learn how to fight.

Last but not less the baby girl, the princess of the family. Only ten years old, wanting the attention of her mother and father. The little girl was always with a maid or some guard. The couple loves her and care, but they only paid attention to the five male of the family. Usually, the daughters, are arranged into a marriage which they already plan it. The king used to cause it was tradition to do. In the mind of the royale, the family was that she could be a peace pact when Reuben became king. If the other kings wanted something from him, he could give his sister just like the mother did.

It didn't happen since the attack of the rebellion happens. A group of southern you wanted revenge of their king live. Everything happens so fast they didn't see it coming. The boys were sleeping in their room that night. The doors of the main house of the royal family got destroyed. There was blood everywhere you step. One by one the brother fought for their lives trying to get to the room of the parents. When the five brothers came into the room, they saw a man trying to get their mother. Laying on the floor was the king about ten stable on the stomach. The anger of the boys was so high that all they saw was red.

Reuben, knowing that he is king, he sent all of the guards to protect the castle. 'No prisoner' was all he told the guards, they understood what he said with just that phrase. The hallways got covered with the blood of the innocent. The boys knew not to show weakness, so they clear their tear and follow the new king order. In the end, they stood their guard and took away all the rebelling people.

Little did they know the princess was taking away from her family. Her kidnapper didn’t even know she was the princess since she was wearing her dirty boy's clothes. The clothes she wears to sneak to the supermarket. It was too late when dan opens her room and saw she wasn’t there. They couldn’t find her the mother was destroyed losing her husband and daughter in the same night. Years after years there was no word of the lost princess until the past ten winters.


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