Just Breathe

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Just Breathe

If anyone told you what would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse, what would you say? Would you be the judging one and say that, "It wouldn't happen. It only happens in movies." Maybe you would be the one that tells their plan of how they will survive? No matter who you are, you should always be prepared for an attack or any survival scene. For example, your stuck on an island, there's a nuclear attack or my favorite the zombie apocalypse. It was one of my favorites until it happens for real.

From left to right everyone was eating each other the dead were rising from hell. Running for your life from the monster that would rip you apart. Having blood all over your body, which it's not your blood. Putting a knife through they're head knowing they use to be humans, friends, and family. Sure, maybe in your world won't happen but in mine it did.

It was out of nowhere like it was building up for so long when it releases it all. People will think that the government will help them. For God sake, do humans think that all of the government will help you? They have families of their own to take care. The only reason why they say they will find a cure is for their families. For the love of God don’t anyone watch movies or read about doctors? Not saying that all of the doctors are terrible because they're not. Don't you ever wonder how on textbook they know about how much heat we can take or the cold? The fact they know what would happen if you don’t eat right or take any water. Let's talk about 'Unit 731,' from 1935 to 1945, over 3,000 human experiments happen in the building.

We're in a zombie apocalypse the doctors will take the humans to test on. The government will save their self first to protect them. We all have to survive in the same world.

The sky is always gray you barely see the blue sky or the beautiful sun. You have to protect yourself to be saved by everyone. Ignore the crowded places, stay away from stores because its the first place everyone will go. Why do you ask? They will want food they will kill for food and people will be infected by the virus. Make sure you take a weapon that doesn’t make sounds. The dead will hear, as well as humans that will want your food. Take a gun for an emergency but don’t waste the bullets from the dead.

This story is how I'm surviving this world of the dead. Who would thought I was going to be in school. Where my parents are at work far from the city, they had a meeting to go. My siblings are at another school as well as my closest friends which I was touring another school. I'm among strangers at this school that only want to save themselves.

What would you do? Right now at this moment would you be ready? I wasn't I was a focus on my school work. I was trying to get the day over with and go home. Guess what happen? The freaking zombies came trying to rip off everyone head. Go ahead look around you and tell me if you have a chance. Do you know where to escape or run? How close are you to your friends and families to save them? They can take you by surprise, so you have to think fast.

I could tell you the story if you want or keep telling how to stay alive. I could be telling you that you should not be trusting the government. Everyone will tell you that you should keep running and hide from the dead. What would be the point of the lesson if you won't believe me? So many drops of blood you will see on your journey but have to keep going. People will look innocent to try to trick you to give up your supplies. At the time your human heart will be there and try to help the innocent child.

From time to time, your body will need energy so sleep when you can. Learn how to catch wild animals since they will be your food. If you decide to be in a group, you should only have friends and families. Why? Well because everyone will protect the one they love which is the family. If you had to choose between a stranger you met a week ago and your mother, who would you pick? See the problem if you only will save your family. Now image you’re the stranger in the group—you would die. Not saying that if you be in the group, you could be dead.

You better be prepared.

alpha crispin
alpha crispin
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