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A love to cherish forever

By Okanminiwei JoyPublished about a month ago 7 min read
Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash

"You are nothing but a whore and a liar,Henry told me as he pushed me and threw my phone on the floor,I couldn't stop the tears from falling but he didn't even look at me as he packed all my clothes into a bag and dragged me out of his room that night.

I struggled with him because I had no where to go to but when I saw that he didn't want to listen and he was still trying to beat me ,I managed to pick my phone and carried myself with the little strength I had out of his room.

This wasn't the first or second time Henry was throwing tantrums over every little arguments we have,but I was always overlooking them but at this point I was tired.

I tried to see if I could get a bike or cab that night so that I could at least look for a hotel to rest my head and plan my movement the next day.

I walked and walked but it was as if luck was not on my side,after walking aimlessly for a while I saw a man parking his tricycle,I had no choice but to walk up to him and ask him for help.

He told me it was very late and there was no way I could get a cab or anyone at that time and the reason why I saw him outside was because his tricycle developed fault and he just finished repairing it.

Seeing how uneasy I was feeling,he told me to sleep over in his house if I didn't mind,at that moment the uneasiness in my heart stopped because I had no one or anywhere to go,I only went to visit Henry in another state .

I gladly accepted his offer not minding that he was a stranger,he opened the door and I entered ,after asking if I was hungry which I declined,he showed me a room and told me to feel free as it was his junior sister's room and since she was not around I could sleep there till the next day.

I thanked him and went into the room, luckily for me,every toiletries I needed was there so I just took my bath and after locking the door from the inside I lay on the bed .

I tried to sleep but sleep was just not coming,My phone choose to vibrate at that moment,I brought it out from my bag and tried to see who the message was from.

Deep down I wanted it to be Henry's message but it was my network provider,I checked the phone to see if it was damaged but It wasn't,I guess I was lucky again.

I played some games on my phone until I slept off.i didn't know how long I slept but when I woke up it was around 12 in the afternoon,I took my bath and quickly tidied up the room,then i came out with my bag so I could thank my host and leave.

When I came out,I saw a note on the dining table,it was from my host.he said he didn't want to disturb me so he left for work but not after preparing breakfast for me,he asked me to leave a contact so he could call me and check on me when he came back.

After eating the rice segun my host prepared(he wrote his name on the note),I helped him in cleaning the house which was dirty and also helped wash all the dirty plates in the kitchen. I prepared a pot of soup with the ingredients I saw and left the key in the vase where he asked me to keep it

I took a bike to the park after leaving the house and boarded a bus going back to Lagos,In the bus I couldn't help but think about my life,I knew it was high time I let Henry go.

Henry and I met in a supermarket in Lagos when he came for his sister's wedding,he came to buy some wine while I went to get groceries for the weekend,I couldn't take my eyes off him when I first saw him because he was handsome,tall and full of smiles.

He walked up to me when I was about to pay for my items and asked the cashier to return my atm card,at that moment I thought I had found my mister right.

We exchanged numbers and continued communicating,even when he went back to Abuja,he made sure he came once in a month to take me out.i was always very happy and had began to see him as my husband.

After two years in our relationship,I noticed he was withdrawing,I called his attention to it but he told me it was because he was very busy,so I decided to Surprise him and spend the week with him since it was two days to his birthday.

On getting to his apartment,I was the one who was shocked,I met Henry with another lady smooching in his room,he was not even remorseful but kept asking what I was doing in his apartment unannounced,he left me in the house and went out with the lady.

I waited for him but he didn't show up,he came back the next day and started giving me attitude,I still tried to talk to him to know what was happening but he was not interested,he took his bath and left for work leaving me in the house without asking what I was going to eat.

After he came back in the night,he started calling me all sorts of names,I couldn't still understand what was going because I didn't know my offense,I tried to avoid him and walked into the room,that was when he flared up and asked me out of his house,I thought he was joking at first but I never knew he was serious,not until I met myself in the streets of Abuja in the middle of the night.

When I got back to Lagos,my friends were surprised because I told them I was spending a week in Abuja ,I sat down and told them all that happened between Henry and I.

Sophie gave me a hug and asked me to forget Henry because all she could see in him where traits of a playboy and I was the only one not seeing it,they asked me to dress up and follow them to a birthday party as that would brighten my mood.

For five months I couldn't stop thinking about Henry,I left him different messages but he wasn't responding nor was he picking my calls.i lost my job due to lack of concentration at work,I couldn't eat or do anything.My friends were not happy about my situation so they asked us to go for a vacation.

I agreed and went with them just to clear my head,when we were going to pay for the food,our cards were declined.we couldn't stop making fun of each other about who was going to wash the plates,it was a serious matter but we kept on making fun of ourselves.

I couldn't control my laughter and as I moved forward I bumped into someone,when I looked up to apologize,the person I saw was segun,he was as shocked as I was,he pulled me into his arms and hugged me tight as if he was scared that I was going to disappear again.

He asked what I was doing there and I explained our predicaments to him,he assured us that everything was going to be sorted out and asked the porter to take us to our suite to lodge us in,I tried to ask him what was going on because we only asked for a room not a suite but he promised me he was going to explain after I had settled in.

I saw segun after two hours in the relaxation center,that was when I explained everything that happened to him and why I was not able to call him,To my surprise he didn't say anything but offered me a job in the hotel as a manager,seeing how surprised I was ,he explained that the hotel belonged to him and his sister,it was part of the inheritance left by their father.

He told me how he has been searching for me and waiting for me to call him ever since then but I just vanished as if I was never there,he also confessed his love to me and promised to give me time to think about it.

Sophie and the girls couldn't stop disturbing me for gists,so I told them who segun was and what he wanted from me,they were happy for me and also encouraged me to give love another chance. I stayed back after the vacation because I had to resume work,all the things I needed were sent to me by Sophie and I was also given an accomodation.

I started going out with segun and also met his sister who loved me and couldn't stop talking about the soup I prepared the last time I was there,she kept taking me out and also telling me about her brother and how he was lonely after their parents death.

I still didn't understand why he was driving a tricycle if they had enough money and properties but Anna made me understand that there was a clause in the will,they had to stay together and earn a sum of money and invest on their own before they could be entitled to the inheritance and that was what they were doing when I met them.

I fell in love with segun even before I knew it,he was kind ,loving and caring unlike Henry who was pompous,my wedding date was fixed and I got married to the best man on earth.After out wedding,I saw Henry when he came to lodge in our hotel for business,he was surprised to see me but I was not bothered,he tried talking to me but I didn't want to hear whatever he wanted to say,he was my past and I wanted it to stay that way.

It was later I got to know that the reason why he left me was because the boss daughter took a fancy to him and promised him a lot of things including her father's company,that got into his head and he decided to treat me badly,but the lady later dumped him after he slapped her when they were having an argument.

I couldn't help but thank God that I didn't get married to him and I also thank God that I gave love a second chance because segun 's love was worth it .it is a love to be cherished forever.


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