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Saved By A Mother's Love

By Okanminiwei JoyPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

Looking back at my success,I can not but always pray for my mother because whatever I am and will still be is only because of her love.

I was a stubborn and disobedient child when I was growing up and it started when I started going to a public secondary school,not that the school was bad but the discipline wasn't like before.My mum was someone who does not get tired of going to her children's school just to check on them and their performances.

When I got admission into the secondary school,I was the third overall best student among the thousands of people that came to write the entrance examination.My school was proud of me,even my mum couldn't stop talking about it for days.

I was able to hold on to the best and brilliant student until I got to year 3,when I started becoming lazy,I stopped reading as I always did,the only books I could read without worries was novels and story books,it got to a point I couldn't go out without holding a book or two just to read on the way.

I was almost knocked down by a moving bike but I did not stop reading,I read all the books in my dad's library and when I was through I started borrowing books to read,there was a time I borrowed books from a friend and I couldn't return them because I didn't know where I kept them.

My friends started coming home to ask for their books and my mum had to pay them money sometimes to replace the books I couldn't find that was when my mother knew something was wrong but I was already addicted to reading novels that I couldn't do without them even though it was affecting my studies.

I still tried to pass my exams until when I got to senior year 2,it took the intervention of my mum for me to get promoted to senior class 3,I stopped collecting my report cards due to fear because I knew that the results was nothing to write home about.

After writing my senior waec,I had to wait for my results so I could proceed to the university but all the compulsory subjects I needed were nothing to write home about,my mum was very angry because she had warned me but I did not listen to her,instead I thought I could pass without preparing well for my exam.

I had to wait for another year to write another exam but a long the line,I got pregnant for someone who was not even worth it,he denied the pregnancy and because of that I couldn't tell anyone,I kept to myself and started wearing big size clothes just to cover my stomach.

After the fifth months people started noticing,even my mum was noticing but I didn't stay around her so she won't suspect but someone called my mom and told her how I wanted to go and abort the poor child.

On a Sunday I was just back from church,my mum called me to her room and asked me to raise my clothes up,that was when she saw the black line showing on my stomach,she couldn't control the tears coming down from her face.she asked me about the man responsible,at that moment I knew I couldn't hide anything from her again so i told her the truth.

She asked me to call him and told him she wanted to see him,after which she went to see my dad,my dad was not worried or bothered,he was happy that it was one lesser mouth to feed,he told my mum that there was nothing he could,that I had to pack my bags and go with the guy that got me pregnant but my mum refused,she said if I was leaving the house,she would be going with me as well.

That statement got my dad speechless and he was forced to stop me from leaving the house,when my baby father came,he came with a friend of his.My mum asked him about the pregnancy and the only thing he could say was that he was not the only one I was having stuff with,my mum argued with him and told him that she knew the daughter she had and she was very sure I was not like he was saying.

He later agreed and told her that the reason he said that earlier was because he was scared,a date was fixed and he was asked to come with his parents.


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    OJWritten by Okanminiwei Joy

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