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Good deeds

By Okanminiwei JoyPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
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"It is true she is my fated mate but you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with",Malcolm told Bianca.I am only with her because she is the alpha's only daughter and marrying her means I become the next alpha when her father dies and you know what will happen then don't you,he continued.

Vee was full of tears as she went back to her house,she was coming back from Malcolm's house,she wanted to give him the good news about her admission into the university but she saw him in the room with the pack's slut,she couldn't understand why he was still seeing Bianca after promising her that he wasn't going to have anything to do with her again.

She knew malcolm was her mate when she turned eighteen four months ago,from all indication,it seems Malcolm found about it a long time ago but he was always giving her the cold shoulder.

Four months ago,Andrew the alpha organized a birthday party for his daughter and it was during the party that Malcolm made it known that vee was his mate due to his jealousy when he saw her dancing with one of the unmated male.

Everyone was happy for vee because they thought Malcolm was the right person for her but only she knew what Malcolm truly wanted,her father's throne.

Malcolm had been poisoning vee since he found out that she was his mate because he didn't want her wolf to show up,he did that because he knew how powerful the alpha and his Luna.

Lucia ,vee's mother was a lycan by blood from both sides and she was very powerful and also a good fighter, unfortunately her daughter did not inherit any of their powerful blood or so they thought.Vee was a fighter not until she had an accident which caused her to become powerless and weak anytime she attempted to fight but no one knew that Malcolm was behind the accident and also the poisoning.

Vee went to her room and locked the door,she was feeling betrayed and disappointed,she left through her window and went into the forest,she ran and ran until she couldn't run again.

She was feeling very lonely because there was nobody to talk to,most of her friends had gotten married while some stopped coming to see her after they found out that she wasn't that good fighter they once knew.

She kept to herself the most and always stayed indoors most of the times,the only time she went out was when she went to see Malcolm or when she sneaks into the forest through her window.

The forest was like her safe home because she was always free and happy whenever she was there,she loved listening to the birds sing and the animals taking care of each other,she saw the mother rabbit trying to help its son from a trap and she couldn't but miss her childhood.

Ever since she turned 5,it has been from one training to another,even her parents did not have her time,they were always going from one pack to the other for different meetings,they hardly stayed at home and she had no one to talk to.

She got up and was about to go home so that no one would notice she was missing,she heard a low voice asking for help, because of her training she was able to trace where the voice was coming from.

That was when she saw a black wolf with white wounded in the bush,she walked towards him and saw that the wolf was bleeding,she quickly used her knowledge and got some leaves,after squeezing the leaves,she applied them to the wound and bandage the wound with the cloth she saw on the floor.

She took her hand and placed it on the wolf's chest,blue power came out from her hand and entered into the chest,after confirming that the wolf was fine and it would wake up anytime soon,she stood up and ran towards her home.

Fred was awake,he woke up immediately the blue powers entered him but he didn't want to scare his savior,so he pretended as if he was still unconscious,he knew he had to find her again,so when she was leaving he had touched her with his paw leaving a mark which only him could see.

He turned back to his human form and blew a whistle and waited patiently for help to come,His subordinated came running towards him after a while.They apologized for abandoning him and letting harm come towards him.

Fred told them not to worry that he was fine but asked his trusted beta to find out who were the people that ambushed him and why he was harmed.

Vee got home just in time before her parents came back from their meeting,she quickly freshened up and went to have dinner with her parents,they were half way into dinner when Malcolm walked in. Vee tried to control the anger she was feeling because she knew creating a scene was not going to help her,so she asked to be excused and went back to her room.

Malcolm knew something was wrong but he couldn't picture it,his intuition was never wrong,it was unlike vee not to visit him in a day but she didn't come at all,not that he missed her but because she was a pawn in his big game he didn't want to take chances.

Seeing that the person he came to visit had excuses herself and went to bed,he stayed a little to talk to the alpha and went back home promising to come back and see his mate.

Lucia had a feeling that vee was hiding something from them because it was unlike her to see Malcolm and not be happy but she saw him,didn't greet him and went to her room,her facial expression was also not right.

She went to Vee's room and checked on her daughter,she couldn't stop but feel that she was missing out on her daughter's growth,and it started after the accident when she stopped allowing her to go out with her due to fear of the enemy killing her daughter.

She promised herself not to spare the person that harmed her daughter and she was still doing all she could to find the culprit because she knew it wasn't an outsider,it was someone from their pack,she gave her daughter a kiss on her cheek and told her she loved her and all she was doing was to protect her.

Lucia was doing all she could to help her daughter to regain her strength and also help her get her wolf but she knew it wasn't easy because no one knew what exactly happened or how it happened,all she knew was that Vee was poisoned which killed her wolf but the name of the poison was unknown.

She suddenly remembered the potion that an old woman gave her when she helped the woman pay her debt,the woman asked her to drink it but she decided to keep it for her daughter,maybe if she had taken out of it,she wouldn't have died,she pry opened Vee's mouth and poured the potion into it.

Lucia tucked her daughter in and went back to her room,Vee didn't know what her mother gave her but because she was happy to know that her parents still loved her and were doing everything they could to protect her,she forgot about Malcolm and slept off.


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