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Pessimists blame fate

Why they blame their fate

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Pessimists blame fate
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We all know Albert Einstein. He is one of the world-famous scientists. Although we know him as a very talented scientist, he got the title of weak student in his childhood. Even a genius like him was once considered an ass. He was not good at anything. It took him four years to learn to speak. He was also very weak in his studies. At the age of 16, he failed miserably in the entrance exam of the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School.

He was such a bad student that he got bad results in every subject while studying at the university. He once wanted to drop out of school. He could not prove his competence anywhere. Forced, he took a job as an insurance salesman. Those who could not do any work used to do such work. But with his 'dull brain' he has been able to change the face of the world. He has made a special contribution to science. Not only that, he won the Nobel Prize for his outstanding contribution to science. He proved that everything is possible if you try. Talent did not stand in the way of his success.

Whatever you're into, there's no substitute for trying. The more you try, the more confidence you will gain. Confidence is not acquired in a day. It requires persistence and gradual progress toward success. So try your best to get rid of despair and gain an optimistic attitude. Just as negative thoughts and pessimistic attitudes prevent a person from being successful, positive thoughts and optimistic attitudes help one to succeed. If the fear of failure can be removed from the mind then people can achieve incredible success.

Can be successful without hard work? Surely you will answer this, success cannot be achieved without hard work. Hard work and success are closely related to each other. Just as an optimist and a successful person believe wholeheartedly that hard work is the key to success, pessimists also know that success cannot be achieved without hard work. But pessimists admit it in their hearts, but they don't want to admit it in public.

People are not born with luck. Fortune must be built through action. And there is no substitute for hard work to build luck. The key to success is a combination of enthusiasm, effort, and hard work. Hard work can be made easy by hard work. Hard work is the main and one of the conditions for life improvement. Successful people today have caught the attention of the whole world through hard work.

By Ron Smith on Unsplash

Hard work can not only make a person's life successful but also the value of hard work is immense in national life. The more industrious the nation, the more advanced the nation. This is a fact. Optimistic people work hard with a firm commitment in mind. School, college, student life, professional life or sports, etc. No matter which sector you are in, you have to work hard. Talent is not enough to succeed. If you have a positive attitude to succeed with strong willpower, then you just need to work hard according to the plan.

I have a colleague. He showed talent everywhere. He is working as a sales executive in a corporate company. Although a very talented person, I could see in him the reluctance to work. This overconfident man believed that he could get his promotion. He believed that his salary would increase greatly. But the reality was different. He got a promotion only once in 7 years of service. Whenever I met him he would only blame others. He felt that he was not getting a promotion due to the conspiracy of his other colleagues. But he was the first to leave after the office. While his other colleagues worked overtime, he never worked outside official hours.

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