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Reluctance to work or lack of work

The lazy people don't succeed

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Reluctance to work or lack of work
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My childhood friend Richard didn't get much education. He could not attain the highest level of education in the country. On the contrary, he has fallen out of education long before that Although he has a very good relationship with me. He has been a good student since childhood. The family had some financial troubles. But he slowly grew up and started mixing with bad friends. He started mixing with boys who were addicted to drugs. Education ends there.

Whenever I go home for various university holidays, I meet him. We also chat together. In the context of words, he often asks me what is the use of studying so much? There are no good jobs in the country. There is no use in studying so much. Maybe he doesn't expect me badly. But his knowledge is very limited. He never went to a higher education level. So he has no idea about the job market. Lacking sufficient knowledge, he fell into pessimism.

But I also got to know about its reverse context. My father and I went to the bank for a special need to apply for a loan. The bank manager was a very nice person. He was highly educated as well as ignorant. He is also a university student. After graduating from the university, he is working in a bank. We talked about many things. When I told him that I studied at the university, he was very happy to hear it. He asked me to study carefully. He also said, "You belong to our party. If you complete your studies well, you can work in a bank like me." I was very happy to hear him. I was very motivated.

From these two incidents, I realized that to be successful one should follow successful people. A lot can be learned from successful people. Following a successful person can have a profound effect on your mind. But many times there are people around us who do not allow us to think well and creatively. All the successful people in the world also say that pessimistic people should be avoided. You have many friends or relatives who are always complaining about everything. They have nothing else to do but complain. They are disappointed in everything. Everything is taken negatively. Identify such people and change the way you relate to them. Don't take their advice on what exactly you should do. Their words may discourage you in the beginning.

By Yosef Futsum on Unsplash

It is not right to discuss any important matter with these people unless there is an urgent need. Such people cannot hope or trust in themselves. They are also ready to disappoint others. If you don't leave their company, fear will enter your mind even about something simple. Overly pessimistic people are harmful to themselves as well as others. So those who are intelligent and prudent, stay away from these people. You can easily spot optimists and pessimists. Avoid people who are disappointed when you approach them. Instead try to associate with optimistic, successful, and positive people. They help others stay positive as they stay positive.

Make yourself more active than before. All people have some good qualities. Maybe you are very good at sports. Your handwriting may be very beautiful. Maybe you love to think about new ideas. A job aspirant has to acquire a lot of knowledge Intelligence is never born. You have to work hard to develop talent. It doesn't matter how much talent you have. What matters is how much you use your talent. Sometimes I hear many students saying, 'I am not very talented. My memory is not good, I don't remember anything, etc'. But the real truth is that they don't know how to use their talent properly. Naturally, people will forget. But with repeated practice, it is possible to master anything difficult.


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