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How to overcome the fear of failure?

The way of success

By Mehedi Hasan ShawonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
How to overcome the fear of failure?
Photo by Gary Meulemans on Unsplash

If the fear of failure can be overcome then the path to success becomes much easier. So you have to practice overcoming fear. Keep in mind some things to overcome fear. For example:

1. You may have weaknesses. Admit it. We don't want to dwell on our weaknesses. If you don't think about them, you won't be able to find out where your weakness is or where your success is. If you don't know about your weakness or strength then you can't work on them. Most of the youth these days dream of achieving success in life But they do not know about themselves. They don't know themselves. They cannot find their weak and strong points. As a result, they run after false rumors. When they go to do something big, they face obstacles and can't do it anymore. So prepare in advance so that your weaknesses do not weaken you. Or the fear of failure will not allow you to succeed.

If you think only then the solution will come out Now is a good time to think about things that go wrong over and over again. Weaknesses should not be feared but should be worked upon positively. Accept your weaknesses and then overcome them. If you have a complete understanding of your weakness, then you will see that fear is reduced from the mind. Because you already know how to solve your weaknesses.

2. Learn to control your thoughts. There are two types of people in the world. There is a type of people who are controlled by thoughts. And there is another class of people who can control their thoughts. And there is amazing power in such people. That is, they can transform any negative thought into a positive thought. And such people are ultimately successful.

Pessimistic people cannot control their thoughts. This is a significant feature of their failure. If a negative thought enters their mind, they cannot come out of it. A negative thought can lead to numerous reasons for failure. Mr. Stephen is a pessimistic man. He cannot overcome negative thoughts. He wanted to open a toy shop for small children. But he wondered if the couple where he would give the shop had small children, how many couples lived there, etc. He also told me that maybe the toy shop will not sell as expected. Profits are low in these shops.

Due to these various negative thoughts, he finally gave up the shop. He had only negative thoughts about the toy shop. If he had thought positively instead, he might have found many ways. If he thought positively, he would have found out how to increase sales, and how to become a successful businessman.

Negative thoughts are normal. But negative thoughts can never be given precedence over positive thoughts. Negative thoughts cannot be kept in mind for long Shake off negative thoughts to be mindful. Carefully analyze whether your fears can put you in danger.

Howard and Howell are two brothers. They decided to learn how to swim. Their father took them to the pond to teach. But before entering the water both the brothers felt that they would drown. They were scared. Howell did not dare to go into the water for fear of drowning But Howard was afraid but thought if others can learn swimming, why can't I? With this belief, he dived into the water and learned to swim. Howard was able to replace his negative thoughts with positive ones But Howell succumbed to negative thoughts. As a result, he could not get out of the fear of failure.

By Henri Pham on Unsplash

3. Avoid pessimistic people.

People who are unsuccessful or pessimistic always try to establish the reasons for their failure as eternal They want to argue that their failure was a very natural occurrence With the help of false persuasion they want to establish their futility among all. When they talk to you, notice that they give you details about why they failed. They are extremely depressed people. In every important phase of life, instead of finding the way to success, they first find the way to fail One of their characteristic features is that they will never let your efforts fail. They will climb up to get you on their team There is a traditional law of nature You learn from the environment you live in. You never know when you'll get lost in that environment and be influenced.


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