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Naturally Against The Current

by James Lynch 10 months ago in advice

It is not an Oxymoron

Against The Current Running With The Wild Things (Live Video)

This is not an Oxymoron

Saying the subject or statement you talked about is odd because they just don’t seem to fit together naturally, it normally requires additional explanation.

The explanation made with words of experience helps to place it in the mind of the listener in hopes they will retain it forever as something valuable.

In this case, imagine yourself in a boat on a very nice Spring day. The sun’s temperature as you are accustomed to is just right. The pace of the boat moving down the stream is also just right. It has always been your favorite vacation destination and activity each year!

The port, you in this comfortable boat leaves from, requires a gentle push from the riverbank. The rowing paddles are attached to each side of the boat that has plenty of room filled with food, water, and other good things. The paddles in your lone trips are barely needed except to give the boat a little nudge in the stream here and there. In many ways of viewing it, believe me, it is truly a water land park.

You see, the people who have been the caretakers of this naturally created water land park continue to make this claim:

“This is made by a Great Artist and all we do is let people know it is still here and there is the equipment to enjoy it.”

“Nothing has changed, you just go with the flow. After the scenic view, You will end up at the port of destination Enjoy yourself!”

These same words: “Go with the flow,” has rang trueness to you each time while vacationing here in this water land park. Ahh; rest, relaxation, and great conversation at times, when you have visited this location with others. By the end of every trip along this stream, you truly feel recuperated as well.

“Go with the flow” holds weight and value to your benefit in this environment

Briefly imagine in this same water land park described above, some individuals who do not value this area the same way you do broke one of the dams that played a key role in wonderfully and peacefully guiding you to the trips destination.

What will you notice as your boat starts approaching this location where the dam is broken trough to an area of tumultuous waters and jagged rocks outside this vacationing spot’s environment?

You will notice: An increase of pressure and speed in the boat.

If you continue to go with the flow, then what will be the eventuality for your boat? What will you instinctively, and naturally I might add, react to as you feel the pressure of the boat taking you in a direction off your normal course you have immensely enjoyed for years?

Time to break out the rolling paddles and sit upright! You may even stand up in the boat to get a birds eye view of what is really ahead and whether it poses an unwelcome destination or not.

The mind quickly discerns I can not go with the flow on this trip. This current I’m being streamed to is not the one that is natural to all my years of experience with this vacationing spot. Therefore it is now causing you to exert yourself to either stay the course of the peaceful stream; or adjust the course, whichever applies in this case.

One thing is for certain in your mind once you finally reach your known destination. Your experience has changed on this trip. Are you the type of person to voice the situation to the park rangers, care takers, if you will, so others will not have to go through the same unexpected trial?

What do you say?

In that one location it is more natural (intuitive) to go Against the Current.

An Against The Current Extra Thought

In my years of being in contact with a variety of people and backgrounds, I’ve found we still have common ground. Whether we speak differently and hold different status or even preferences.

Let's talk about music

Do we need to know everything about the artist who produced the song?

Buying, selling, and trading is a common ground for us all.

Being human we often go with the flow on the implementation of Fair and Just Treatment for each of us as dignified individuals.

When our choices of conscience are ignored or being steered away to another person(s) What is a natural way for you to feel about such a current?

There is a song called “Running with the Wild Things,” that has expressions for many thinking persons have intuitively felt a certain way to the above question .

Until next time, If you read something that enhances or changes your life for the better, it becomes your reality.

James Lynch
James Lynch
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