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Once Wrote a Play

I wish it was still with me today

By James LynchPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Krispy Keme Dougnut Poetry. It makes you hungry and happy just listening to it.

Once Wrote a Play

I wish it was still with me today

This is the reality of the children who learned early on they had to focus on how to be happy in their own space. This was not just a need, it had to be prioritized in order for their mind to survive. When you have an imagination that is not only developed but also encouraged by a parent, the skies are the no-limits areas of life. This also includes the universal sky.

What a beautiful and fun frame of mind to be in at a young age. You truly find yourself in a state of not wanting to hurt a fly. However, the reality of life is this; these types of minds are the ones who get picked on way more than others.

You may now be saying, “What does this have to do with you “Once Wrote a Play & I wish it was still with me today?”

Here is your answer. You see, even with a beautiful mind, the ugliness of the world taken in has to be transmuted somehow in order to make sense of things. Or you will find a beautiful young mind being stifled in its growth. Yes, the bloomage will barely bring forth fruit; if not at all.

Parents who realize this, maybe from observation and experience, know they have to teach their children a constructive way to ward off the sticks and stones of envy and outright meanness of the world. In their child, they teach them love and beauty will flow to all corners of the universe, and it starts with The MIND.

With that said, I’ve found you can talk about and write about any matter, long as you do not get lost in the understanding and reconciling of it.

Here is an example: When a child is bullied by one, most likely more, person on a continuous basis, this produces a burdening effect that the child needs to carry or somehow find a way to throw off. By writing out his or her feelings in a story, it allows the child to express, understand, and yes, even conquer the dragon that is attacking him or her.

What is the ending of the story? A safe land filled with the happy people in the child’s mind. You have to be able to resolve it in a private way at times, when you don’t have anyone to talk to about it. That's the way life is, and you know what, the burning fire outside of unfairness, is quenched by the cool waters of the free flowing imagination of the mind.

This is how a private play, which became public at times for others enjoyment was produced at an early age. Can you guess what the story entailed?

You had the protagonist of course. Yet, this was not a hero and villain story. It was a light-hearted romance story.

Boy meets girl

Boy likes girl

Girl likes boy

Bullies don’t like it

And then you see and experience all the drama that goes with it. With such a play, the drama can be right intense at times because the writer is actually drawing from the burden felt and thrown upon his or her mind!

The formula above works in many stories and romance novels today; does it not? Of course it does!

In the course of time, the paper manuscript disappeared during my travels; still, I think back to those young mind years and realize, writing has always been there for me, whether I possessed the best writing skills or not.

Could I ever rewrite such a play or story? It would not have the exact word for word dialogue; and I say with a smile and a chuckle, that's probably a good thing. All the same, does the substance still resides in my mind to produce the masterpiece? Being an adult, the spiritual and emotional burdens experienced over the years would increase the complexity of such a play One hundred fold.

Yes, I once wrote a story play that caused a handful or classroom full of people to laugh, cry, and come away thankful in one era.

I wish it was still with me today.


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