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My B+ Routine: How I Make Each Day First Class

This is NOT an article about blood types. Sorry Drac.

By emPublished 7 months ago 4 min read
My B+ Routine: How I Make Each Day First Class
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Be positive. 

Isn't that what we're all trying our darndest to do? Be a little more positive, smile a little more, speak kindly, think confidently, inject a little more joy into this world?

I know I am. Trying to, I mean. That's how this whole thing came about. I want to be (B) positive (+). 

So every day, I am.

A* grades are so overrated. B+ is a marker we can all aim for

Sorry swots, but strictly speaking your A++ grades are causing you terrible bursts of mental anguish and squitty poos every other weekday so, chances are, your positivity levels are draping a little low. 

B+ though, as a mantra and a grade for the overall theme of your day, every day, is a brilliant benchmark to aim for. 

Now, we all know positivity is like the tide. It comes in waves and is directly influenced by the moon. In our more solid-state case, the moon is actually every external factor that has an affect on our outlook of the day. Workload. Unread messages. Contents of the fridge. Overdraft debt. The gym. Traffic. Adverts on ITV. Splinters and split lattes and slippers that really are just slipping off your feet because they're so worn down now (you and them have that in common).

Those days, those moments, they make positivity a little harder to grasp on to. But not impossible.

Not if you have textured gloves or Talcum powder or a routine in place that allows you to hold on tighter to the goodness in your day. You know. Something a little like mine.

My B+ routine ensures that no matter where the moon resides in the sky - in full and shining down a cascade of happiness, or a new moon shrouded by a day of irritating events - there's always a little bit of loveliness in my today.

So what the F is my B+ routine?

It's this:

1. What I've written

This will be tailored to you. Writing is my soul sustenance. It's my joy. My purpose. My "what am I here for? *Writes a silly little poem about a Pot Noodle* Oh yeah. Yeah. That's what." It makes me happy and so I've made a point of writing something, however small and unseen it might be, each and every day.

Whether it's a chapter in the book I'm working on or a list of quotes that my Ben has screeched at his screen whilst playing Elden Ring, it doesn't matter. As long as I've infused my imagination with ink at some moment in the day, then that gets a B+ from me.

2. What I've read

Same again. My other good little happy-bringing joy thing. As a storyteller and as a human who friggin' loves a good story, as long as I've written something today and read something today, then hey! What a day.

Be it a Substack post. A magazine page. A chapter of a book. A menu. Anything but a gas bill - then it counts. 

3. For my body

This is the universal step. The bit all we wee beings can attempt. It's anything that serves as a tonic for the vessel that I reside in. 

Steps done that day. How many glasses of water I've drank. If I've booked the dentist or picked up a new box of adult chewy multivitamins. It's all the stuff I've done that benefits my bones and being. 

This part of the routine reminds me, encourages me, to take care of me.

4. For my head 

"Head," here, is an umbrella term for heart and soul as well. These are the bits I do in the day that heal my mind, clear my head, swell my heart and charge my soul. 

Things like gratitude lists of things I've encountered that made me smile. Good food I've eaten. Cats I've seen out on walks. Kelly Kapoor quotes from the US Office. Pin badges. The feeling after you've vacuumed. 

I write it all into my journal. But sometimes I just think about these things in the shower. Doesn't matter how you present it, as long as it's present somewhere inside you.

Anything that blows away the brain fog and strings up fairy-lights around my head - bring it center stage and clap as it bows. 

A* days are those Big Events™

The engagements. The lottery wins. The days a lorry full of custard creams upturns on the side of the road, a wave of biscuits flowing down to your wheels as you pass (no humans, bunnies or biccies were harmed in the making of this analogy).

They're the blue moon days and don't get me wrong, they're phenomenal. But they're not your everyday. 

And isn't life is just a collection of your daily life? Of your every day. Of today and today and today again. So aim for a B+. Aim to be positive. 

Make the most out of every moment by taking the moment and making it a good one, a better one, one that comes served with a smile.

If you make your own B+ routine and stick to it, your today will feel first class.

Of that, I'm positive.

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  • Brigham5 months ago

    I enjoyed your crazy way of writing. It is fun to read. Have a good one.

  • Donna Renee7 months ago

    Seeing cats on walks is great for my mental health too. Gotta go for the walk first though!😕

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