Motivational Studies

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Motivational Studies

What Motivates You?

Every morning is a new day and a new beginning. Each day is a new start == to re-train the Mind = the Mind-set is a skill!

Believe In Yourself!

Remember, it is up to YOU to keep going, to never say “I can’t do this” but to say “I CAN Do This!”

The greatest gift you can give to other people is a HAPPY You.

10 Tips for Motivating Yourself:

1/ set a goal = one you can reach

2/ plan ahead = what will you do tomorrow?

3/ track and write down your progress

4/ reward yourself every time you ‘hit that goal’ = watch a movie / read a new book / buy a bar of chocolate

5/ remind yourself = write an email to yourself / write it in your planner = what’s the next step

6/ surround yourself with people who “Motivate” you

7/ keep your work area tidy = a tidy desk is a tidy mind

8/ learn about people who Inspire you = who is he / she and why do they Inspire you?

9/ watch and listen to Motivation talks = on Youtube / ‘TED’ (technology, entertainment, design) --- it’s worth your time

10/ listen to music which motivates you, builds up your mind. Read Inspirational quotes

Do you have a “Motivational” planner?

Today is preparation for and an investment for tomorrow. Name the theme for today = Happy / Positive / Smile. Focus on being STRONG in Your Life! Say: “I will do this today” and tick off in your planner, you will feel a sense of achievement. Sculptor your own life / make and keep that routine.

Write in your planner 3 good things that have happened today --- unlock the gratitude that is inside of you. Remember to rest though, to give your mind, your emotions and your body time to heal, for there is always HOPE = Life Will Get Better! Because Your Life Is In Your Hands --- and no one else’s.

Never Complain!

Those who always complain never get anywhere in life. They are so busy being negative that they don’t have time to be Positive and to ‘use the time’ to become a success in life.

Make The Time to be Positive and to do what You Want to in Your Life. Our brain is the most powerful thing we have in our lives. Control the mind and you will Control your Life. Drum it into your mind: “I Will Be a Success!” = repeat, repeat, repeat. We are taught maths --- by rote --- even as we are taught our own language. So get it into your head: “I Will Be a Success!” And think of ways ‘how’ you can do this. Replace the negative with the Positive. Build yourself up by watching and listening to Motivational speeches.

You have the talent = Believe in Yourself!

Have the Courage to move forward (instead of falling backwards). Look ahead = at what you want = and move towards it. It’s frightening because you are going out of your comfort zone but afterwards, when you look at what you HAVE accomplished --- feel Proud of yourself. It is hard work, but anything worthwhile having is always hard work, and you can look back and say: “I did that.” Thus, you are building your own life, your own future.

You Are In Control Of Your Own Life!

Remember = Control the Mind and you will Control your Life. It is in Your hands to make your Dreams come true. Be one of the “Happy People” --- not on drugs --- but “In Control” of your own Life.

Remember the 10 Tips:

1/ set one goal you can reach

2/ plan ahead and “use that planner”

3/ write down your progress, every single day, in your planner

4/ give yourself a reward when you achieve that one goal or reach that one step (my reward is a bar of chocolate and a can of cola)

5/ remind yourself --- write it down!

6/ have friends who will Motivate you and who are Positive

7/ keep your work area tidy

8/ listen and learn from people who Inspire you

9/ watch Motivational talks

10/ listen to the music which Motivates you

Really build yourself up --- every single day. 10 minutes in the morning / 10 minutes in the evening / 10 minutes over lunch = or all 3.

Believe in Yourself!

What Motivate You?

Look out for more Motivational studies.

You Can Do It ! ! !

Ruth Elizabeth Stiff
Ruth Elizabeth Stiff
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