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Manifesting Guide

A simple and easy to follow guide

By Elise Published 12 months ago 6 min read
Manifesting Guide
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Manifesting should not make you feel bad about yourself or your life. 

 It can definitely be difficult and triggering as you try to tackle beliefs that hinder you, but it shouldn't ever be about putting blame on yourself, and if it does make you blamed then please put your happiness first and take a step back from trying to manifest!

 Please don't ever put pressure on yourself to be positive, especially if you are struggling or you're not in the right state to focus on positive thoughts. 

 This isn't about pressuring or forcing oneself to be a certain way, it should be about self-reflection and healing, and there is never any need to rush through that process. So, don't take it too seriously if you don't feel up to it. And if you have off days, weeks, or even months then so be it. It's okay to focus on manifesting and self-concept issues once a month if that is all you want to do. You get to set the rules, no one else! Do it your way, at your own pace, and in a way that feels right for you personally, that is what it should be about!

Let's manifest!

So, you want to manifest a specific something into your life, but for some reason whenever you get close to achieving your manifestation something either goes wrong, you get triggered, or you just feel blocked entirely. Maybe the thing that you want manifests into reality, such as you make a great deal of money or you end up gaining a lot of success, it only happens once off, or the success just doesn't stick.

Well, I have some information that can help you keep your manifestation and help you push past your own blocks and mental barriers.

So, let's break it down. How do we manifest something we want and keep it?

Step 1. If you are wanting to manifest your dream job, for example, affirm that it is already yours. "I love my job" - "I am so excited to have landed my dream job" - "I feel so happy at my new dream job".

Step 2. Dig deep into your subconscious and figure out if there are any limiting beliefs you may have that need to be worked on. Do you feel worthy of your dream job? Do you believe good things CAN and DO happen to you? If there are blocks, start changing those negative thoughts to positive ones, affirm, affirm, affirm! If you think things like "What if I screw up?" - "There are so many others who are more qualified than me" - "I'll probably get rejected" - "Why would they want me?" start learning to catch those shitty thoughts and change them to positive affirmations. Even if you find it difficult to believe, persist with new thoughts because eventually, they will become core beliefs if you persist long enough. Think things such as: "I am qualified" - "I have the talent and skills to land this job" - "I never screw anything up!" - "They are desperate to hire me for my skills and expertise".

Step 3. Live in the end. When you wake up or you're getting ready for bed, take a few minutes to imagine a scene where you have the dream job already and envision what that version of yourself would be doing. Don't worry about the how or when, focus on the result you want. It could even be a scene where you're calling your friends and telling them that you landed your dream job. Make it as detailed as you can and do it daily.

Dominant Thoughts

Now that you have a step-by-step on how to do it, let's delve a little deeper into what this is all about by beginning with your dominant thoughts.

Your dominant thoughts are what becomes reality. So, whatever it is you're dominantly assuming, believing, or thinking is what your reality is. Not every little thought will manifest into reality, so don't panic! However, sometimes you will notice that random thoughts can manifest easily, it just depends on whether you have resistance to them. And sometimes those sneaky negative thoughts fly under the radar, and you don't realise you're dominantly thinking them because they're quick to pass by or you've just grown accustomed to thinking them, they're a natural part of your day.

So, pay attention to what you are thinking and especially the inner conversations that you're having. For example, if you always think "I always come across spiders when I'm in the garden" you're going to see spiders most of the time when you go out into the garden. You don't realise how powerful your mind is, and your brain will automatically look for spiders and filter a lot out just to find a spider without you really noticing that's what's going on. So, you can either choose not to think that way or change your assumption to "I rarely see spiders in my garden" - they are there but you won't notice them as often.

Repetition is how these thoughts become dominant, so imagine what could happen if you repeated positive thoughts throughout the day instead of negative ones.

But it isn't always that easy to just say a few positive things and turn your life around. You first need to focus on what your self-concept is.


But what is self-concept? Simply put, it is the belief you have about yourself (your subconscious identity). And whatever your beliefs are will be reflected by the world around you. So, who or what do you believe you are? Loveable? Lucky? Wealthy? Successful? Or do you believe you're ugly, a nuisance, unchosen, unlucky? Maybe all the above?

Take note of how you talk and think about yourself, and this will show you what your true self-concept really is.

But if repetition is what creates a dominant thought or belief then how can you use that to have a positive self-concept?

By creating your own affirmations.


Affirmations are positive statements that can help change your negative thoughts over time by becoming new thoughts, and if done long enough they eventually turn into core beliefs. And so, your self-concept changes along with your entire life.

Here are some affirmation ideas:

• I love everything about me

• I am important

• I bring out the best in others

• I am a powerful manifester

• My life is so wonderful

• Everyone I meet is kind

However, creating personalised affirmations is a lot more helpful than general ones. Targeting your core beliefs and changing them to something positive will help you move further along your path and change your inner world entirely.

When it comes to affirming, you do not have to say your affirmations out loud, you can simply think them anytime, anywhere. You can do affirmations in the shower or when you are working out, when you are in front of the mirror, taking a walk, while you are in bed, or when you are cooking.

I also highly recommend listening to audio affirmations that you have recorded while you sleep or when you're doing things throughout the day.

So, really focus on affirmations that affirm against your negative self-concept, and especially affirm when you are triggered! Side note: This does not mean you have to force yourself to be happy and positive. You are human, allow your emotions to flow through you. It's your thoughts that you need to control, not your emotions! When you realise thoughts come first and emotions follow, then you may find you won't get triggered so much when you take control of your thoughts and have a positive mindset.

Live in the end!

Your imagination can help you to create your ideal life as it is a very powerful tool that a lot of us overlook when we become adults. So, use your imagination to 'live in the end"!

But what does that mean?

To live in the end means knowing that your manifestation is done. You no longer desire it because you have it. In your mind, it is already yours. Imagine yourself having the thing you want and focus on what that would be like and what emotions that brings up. Live as the version of yourself who already has the thing you want.

Don't worry about the how or when, just trust the process. While you're living in the state of having, then you may come up with ideas that move you closer to your manifestation, but you may not notice during that moment that the inspired action you're taking is moving you closer to your desired reality. It won't be clear until it is done, and you will look back and be amazed by how everything worked out the way it did to get you where you want to be.

Manifesting is a natural thing we do daily, it doesn't have to be complicated. It is simply the fact that your thoughts create your reality, so if you put your focus on the right things, then nothing can stand in your way.

And just remember that you can never screw up your manifestation! You may have setbacks, but it doesn't erase your progress, as long as you work on your self-concept, your dominant thoughts and beliefs then you are golden.

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