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Looking Back at 2018

by moladda 2 months ago in happiness
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It has been a long time since I wrote anything, one is lazy, the second is nothing to say, and then there is really not much to write about. Today there is free tea at home, suddenly have the urge to write, the impulse is due to last year's unforgettable experience, the experience is too heavy, feel uncomfortable not to say not to write out in the heart.

Seriously, in recent years my life can be summed up with leisure. The work is very leisurely, as long as you go to work at the right time. When you go to work to deal with the official business is not much, but also very simple, simple to do not think, as long as there is a good attitude on the line. This state of affairs is actually no different from a muddled life. Perhaps it is the nature of the heart, the simple work has not been half ambiguous, not to mention perfunctory, has been in the heart and feelings to serve the work object. When encountering the socially disadvantaged, often moved by compassion, even if not their own part of the work, must be extended before and after, to provide maximum help. Although working in full view of the public, there are no complaints about service attitudes and work errors, and there is no trouble in this area to truly reflect the leisure of work. There are not many worries at home, two elderly people on both sides, one is my mother, one is mother-in-law. The two old people are in good health, so there is no need to worry too much about them. My beloved one is retired, and there are people to take care of the household chores. The income of the working class, enough to live at home, and do not have to run for a living. As the saying goes: there is a hundred flowers in spring and a moon in autumn, a cool breeze in summer and snow in winter. If there are no idle things to hang your head, it is a good time on earth.

I am very grateful for this state of life, I have a lot of time at my disposal and can do what I like. Since the year before last, I like to ride, and on Saturday and Sunday, if the weather is good, I will go out for a ride. Since I have been exercising for many years, I have good physical strength, and I like to ride my bike to climb mountains, and it is easy to ride a round trip of 70 to 80 kilometers. Mostly go out in the morning and go home at noon. Sometimes with a partner, sometimes alone. The good thing about dating a partner is that there is a good thing about solo travel. It is inevitable that a partner will not be free, and small disputes over meals and rest are common. Solo travel will save these troubles, especially one person riding in the open mountains, overlooking the mountains and rivers, the landscape at the bottom of the eyes; look up at the blue sky and white clouds, clouds in the chest stirring. The Mongolian folk music "Gadamerin", which I like to listen to, is always ringing in my ears, and the strings are as beautiful as a complaint. Because I was traveling alone, my mind was free, and the factory opened its chest and roamed around the world, as if I was not only the master of myself, but also the master of the mountains and rivers. To be one's own master is freedom, and freedom is the greatest happiness. Think about it, not only have you been liberated, you have gained spiritual transcendence, you have also become the master of the mountains and rivers, you have gained something from both things and me, isn't it the greatest pleasure? Whether one can be one's own master or not, whether one can be free or not, this proposition is too big and is a philosophical concept that cannot be solved by mere mortals. Shakyamuni Buddha said that people can gain freedom only after they have truly realized the state of no-self and become Buddhas. If the "I" is not removed for a moment, there will be no freedom for a moment. Let's put aside this layer, because people have different roots and different solutions. But I firmly believe that freedom is real, it can transcend the bondage of material and life, and can break the ignorance and narrow-mindedness.

Life is always unsatisfactory, and disasters are inevitable. Last summer, I was hit by a car while riding a bicycle, resulting in a comminuted fracture of the small head of the radius of the right arm, which the doctor fixed with four steel nails that have not been taken out until the second operation next summer. If only the fracture, two surgeries, I suffered some pain, it does not matter, the fatal is that this injury to me caused lifelong damage, is irreversible. I couldn't accept this reality for a long time, as if I was in a dream, because this disaster came too suddenly, a good person, instantly knocked away. There was no sign, no thought preparation. Why was it me, why? I do not understand. People advised me: when it comes to traffic accidents, you are very lucky, it is very light, it is the luck of the unfortunate. Looking back, it's true. At least I'm still alive, only my right arm is limited, I'm really lucky, I'm still alive! Later, I had a traffic accident, and I had a disability assessment, which constituted a tenth degree disability. My friend advised me to go through the judicial process, which will pay more. The other party is a farmer, but the private car is insured. I went to the insurance company to consult, my claim insurance company may not be fully compensated, some of them are to be borne by the owner of the car. The other party has a car, in case they can't afford it, they can auction it off. The owner paid part of the medical bills after the accident, and part of it was advanced by me. Later, he went to work abroad, until the end of the year, when I proposed to deal with traffic accidents, only to see him again. Compared with the summer, he almost like a different person, that is, dark and thin, not to mention that his eyes were also hit by the arc of welding, blurred vision. During the period, the leg was also boiling water burns, the hand is also the first injury healing. A look at the scene, I gave up the previous treatment program: if the consultation does not work, to sue, go through the judicial process, to the maximum extent possible to meet my compensation requirements. Alas, you are standing in front of such a poor farmer, a socially disadvantaged, how can you bear to pour all its resources to meet your requirements? Even if he is willing to give you, you spend such money, and how can you bear it? Finally, we and the insurance company reached an agreement: the insurance company in accordance with the provisions of the proportion of normal compensation will be paid, and no longer require him to give me additional compensation. He also gave him a partial waiver of the appraisal fee, a hasty end to the matter. The other party thanked me profusely, and I don't need to say anything.

Yes, I had the misfortune of experiencing a car accident in 2018, and it was no small disaster. But fortunately, I have a life of leisure, and the injuries I suffered in the accident were not serious, except for the limited function of my right arm. I am grateful that I can still walk between heaven and earth, which is not something that can be measured in money. I know that many of my friends appreciate the way I handled the situation, and some of them said that people will pay back what they owe you, which I know is a comfort to me. Oh, what the heck, as long as you do not owe people, peace of mind is good!


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