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Living in your 20’s

by WriteAboutIt 7 months ago in how to
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It’s okay not to have it all figured out in your 20’s

What do you do when life gets hard? It is hard finding yourself in your 20s, you feel like you are supposed to have it all figured out. But is that really the case? The truth is you aren’t supposed to have it all figured out in your 20s and screw anyone who says otherwise.To be honest finding yourself isn’t easy and it is always going to be a challenge. What truly matters the most is making the absolute best out of life. Funny thing is I should really be taking my own advice, I am pregnant at the age of 23 and I never pictured myself being here at this age. It is completely terrifying because I don’t know what the next step is. I was not prepared for this at all, there is a little human growing inside of me now, which is absolutely crazy because it is not just about me anymore. Life throws you curveballs when you least expect it… Do you just give up or do you fight?

The answer is, you fight no matter what, you fight until you get the happy ending that you want and that you deserve. No matter how bad the situation seems you keep going until that situation starts to change in your favor. Life is not built for the weak, that is why many people do not succeed. So if you want to build a better life and be somewhere amazing by your 30s, then start now. Start to figure out what it is that you want in your 20s, you don’t have to start having it all figured out but start getting an idea.

One thing that my 20s are teaching me is to stop looking at everyone else’s life and wanting to be like them in a sense. Social media makes us think that we have to live a certain lifestyle. That is not the case at all… Yeah, everything looks picture perfect but you have to read in between the lines because it is secretly a lie. Reality is that you have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. Anyone can smile or flex in a picture, but the truth is they can be missing something. Our generation falls more for this social media trap because we are still figuring it out and we more so want people to like us or be accepted by society.

All of that needs to be thrown out the window… We need to truly accept ourselves for who we truly are. It is important to understand ourselves in our 20s, so you aren’t playing catch up in our 30s. Keep striving to be the absolute best version of yourself, show up for yourself because no one else is going to have your back like you do. Make your 20s something worth remembering and remind yourself that you are doing the best you can.

Life will continue to kick you in the ass but keep getting up and keep showing up for yourself because you are your number 1 fan. Life wasn’t made to be easy but don’t give up on yourself. It is okay to cry it out and be down for a bit. Just keep telling yourself that you are going to get through it. The storm doesn’t always last forever and you will come out being okay.

Even though you cannot see the big picture at times, things have a funny way of coming together. This might sound clichè but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, keep fighting until you get to the end. Whatever struggle you are going through right now is only temporary, it is not going to last forever. However, you cannot just sit around thinking that it is going to change automatically, you have to put the work in so things can become better. You need to make your 20s count because you don’t want to regret anything in the future. Go after the things that you want now and make your future bright. Tell yourself that you got this and that you will come out on top.

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