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Life improvements that my dad taught me

by NO1 TIME 6 days ago in goals

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Life improvements that my dad taught me
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This one is called the best life lesson. My father taught me well. We all have heroes in our lives. Yours might be could be sports heroes. It could be your family member. Sometimes I hero was my grandmother. Sometimes it's people. You don't know. It could be Elon Musk and Richard Branson. It could be an Oprah Winfrey or Michelle Obama. It could be. Tim Cook or Steve Jobs, or a Rembrandt or a Monet.

I don't know who you are. Heroes are one thing I've been very blessed with. I've had some amazing mentors along the way, and at the very top of the people who have shaped my mindset, my hearts at my soul set my person.

Option of leadership and life is my dad. So my dad was a family doctor. My dad grew up in the north of India. He comes from very humble beginnings

Just a brilliant man and he went to medical school in Agra which is the city where the Taj Mahal is. And he immigrated to North America when he was a young man and for 54 years he was a family doctor. He started in a very small town on the East Coast of Canada and I can tell you he is a man who worked with great love.

It was never for the applause and the fortune or anything like that. It was always about. Helpfulness to as many people as possible, so I've learned so much from my dad. He's been a great mentor. He's always filled our home.

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When I was growing up, he filled it with books. He's very much a philosopher, more than a doctor in many ways. He's a deep thinker. He's someone who is in many ways a heavyweight in terms of. His intellect and I just learned so much over so many years from my father. Even when I started when I left, being litigation lawyer and I started writing books.

I still remember one morning at 4:00 AM. He drove me to a 24-hour coffee shop and he waited outside in the darkness while I worked on this. Walking was a manuscript that turned out to be my first book, and he was a great encourager. Well, a few weeks ago my dad and I had dinner. It was just a wonderful father and son evening.

We ate some fantastic Persian food. We chatted in my kitchen, we laughed. We had a great conversation and then we watched the movie lion. I don't know if you've seen the movie lion. It's just a beautiful beautiful movie and after the conversation and after watching the movie before I died left, we talked for about 5 minutes before he left our home and he said, you know, Robin? What's most important you know is always to be helpful and he said Robin always helps the people most in need.

Red Robin's life is short and nothing matters as much. Much is how you treat people who need your help. When I was growing up, my dad used to share the words of for Bender or not Tagore, the Bing Gali poet and I never forget them.

He said son, live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries. While you rejoice and so the best lesson I've learned from my father, not only by what he said but by how he lived, because leading by example, is the number one way to shape other people's behavior.

The number one life lesson is to be of use to be. Of helpfulness to be of assistance, I believe true administration is not near me. It's about us, I think the true impact is not about selfishness and what you can get from the world. It's what you can give to the world. May you may, I may we never forget the shortness of life.

I think one of the things in one of the traps we fall into. If we postpone living and we forget about what's most important and we don't bring into sharp focus the things that will be most important on the last hour for the last day. And so we evolve these digital addicts. And we've reached these cyber zombies. We evolve these sheeple versus somebody building our lives around the high priorities that will truly matter. When we're at our very end and what makes.

Real leadership and what makes it. Real delete performance is being modeled maniacally, focused on the truth and keeping front and center which you wanna stand for. How you want to be remembered shifting from chasing success to embracing significance and my dad and I look like I'm not always monomaniacally focused on what's most important.

Sometimes I fall into being busy. Sometimes when I get very tired I will do things that get me caught up in the administration of every day. But the key thing is always to want to be coming back to what's most important and my dad taught me the biggest lesson from him, which is. It's all about helpfulness.

And that's my great wish for you. I take so much time to handcraft him so that you receive great value and inspiration and encouragement and even love if you'd like to go deeper with me and you've liked what you've learned in this episode, here's what you wanna do. Number one. Read my latest book. The five AM club. I wrote it so it's a manifesto for your mastery and is currently one of the best-selling books in the world right now for a reason. It truly works.

It truly helps you upgrade your creativity, your productivity, your performance, your prosperity, and your overall life. Now, of course, the book isn't going to work in all the models I shared in the tactics. And all the different letters and all the different modules.

None of that is going to work for someone who's not. To do any work so only read the 5:00 AM club if you're ready to transform and you're willing to do some work for your greatest life. The second thing people for years have been asking Robin, would you do some kind of an online mentoring system to teach us all the things we learned in the mastery sessions? And in all of your books? You understand we're not a billionaire, so we power not retain the budget to have you, one-on-one trainer? S but. Is there some way we can receive some digital coaching that will help us greater productivity upgrade our creativity, optimize our for interior empires of mindset, heart set health sentence OL set, some kind of coaching that will help us grow our careers? Lead airfields dominate our domains and also live a beautiful soulful life.

I will fill us with happiness and joy at the end, and so the answer is yes. Is called the Circle of legends and it's one of the best things that I do. The rotation of legends is my world-class mentoring timetable where I introduce you to the exact details, the same ideals and frameworks, and everyday tactics that I teach the billionaires.

The NBA stars the Titans of industry. The leaders in sciences and arts. You reach to understand these advanced details that so few individuals learn in the circle of legends. If you're ready to start playing at Heroic right now and maximize your performance and optimize the way you live out the rest of your life.



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