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A walk in nature and self love

By shivani joshiPublished 29 days ago 3 min read

I went for a walk today at 5am with just me no music, no friends, no companion just me. After a long time i went out for a walk all my myself it was the time when i thought that as i am growing up i has lost connect with myself. I always use to think as a kid that i am not going to be a person who is going to just work all his life, i am going to enjoy my life but today i relalised that i have also become a part of workoholic culture. Today after a long time i actually felt the cold breeze of air i relalised today that what have i become. Always so stressed , fear of failure and fear of being left out. I am sure many people would have faced the situation once in their lifes. I really think that people should take time for themselves and just go for a walk with himself.

My mom always tells me to go out for a walk in the morning but i always say that i dont have time i am busy! and i am sure many people say that thing but if you just give a thought about it how can we be so busy that out of 24 hrs we cannot give only 15 min to ourself. I sometimes feel that what is the point of working hard so much that we cannot take out a few mintues for ourself I think the actual reason is just we dont want to or we just dont give importance to ourself which is the main reason for frustration , depression. Just taking a walk for 15 min or doing any physical exercise or doing anything whcih gives you peace can help you come out of your busy life and have a feeling of being alive. I really never thought that just walking around with himself can give you such peace just standing in the place were tere is no vehicle no anger no fights its just you and the cold breeze just closing your eyes and breathing can give you such peace I think that this peace or happiness is much more as compared to the pay check we receive every month. A few days ago i was having a conversation with my grandma i was saying how depressing life i have and she was like what is this depression she told me if i had told my mom about this i would receive a beating funny isnt it. I think that depression in increasing day by day only because we lost connect with ourself we just dont communicate with ourself we talk to everybody thw whole day but we dont talk to ourself.

Just sit down for a while and ask yourself have you really given time to yourself do you really know yourself? are you really happy ? . I request everybody reading this please give some time to yourself just step out of your home and see whats going outside go out for a trip to calm yourself down moving forward is good but taking a step back and calming down is also very important.

When i was a kid i used to draw a lot but then i stopped it as i grew up whenver people asked me that you were so good in drawing why did you stopped drawing i didnt have any answers i just used to say that i dont have time anymore. I realised that how can I easily give up my hobbies and i am sure many people have stopped doing thode things which we used to do as a kid. Please guys dont stop doing what you love or just dont loose connect with ourselves start focusing upon yourself and it will really help all of us to actually be happy.

I know that my words may not be best but i just wanted to communicate to whoever is reading this that dont loose yourself in this competitive era and just be happy.


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