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Is Samsung A54 better than A53?

Samsung Galaxy

By Mobile Lyme LimitedPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Samsung A54 VS A53

Samsung is known for its wide range of smartphones that cater to different market segments. The company's A-series is popular among budget-conscious consumers who want a good balance of performance, features, and affordability. Among the A-series lineup, the Samsung A53 and A54 are two models that are often compared due to their similar specifications and price points. In this article, we will delve into the details and compare the Samsung A54 and A53 to determine which one is better.

Design and Display

Both Samsung A53 and A54 have similar design language and are available in a variety of colors. They feature a plastic back with a glossy finish and a rectangular camera module in the top-left corner. The A54 is slightly taller and heavier than the A53, but the difference is negligible. Both devices have a 6.5-inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels and a 20:9 aspect ratio.

However, the A54 has an advantage over the A53 in terms of display technology. It comes with a higher refresh rate of 90Hz compared to the A53's 60Hz. A higher refresh rate means smoother animations and a more responsive touch experience. While both phones have decent displays, the A54's higher refresh rate gives it an edge in this category.


The Samsung A53 and A54 are powered by different processors. The A53 is equipped with an Exynos 9611 chipset, while the A54 comes with a newer Helio P35 processor. The Exynos 9611 is a mid-range processor that was launched in 2019, while the Helio P35 is a budget processor that was launched in 2018. In terms of CPU performance, the Exynos 9611 is slightly better than the Helio P35. However, the Helio P35 has a more power-efficient manufacturing process and performs better in graphics-intensive tasks.

Both phones come with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 1TB using a microSD card. The A54 has an advantage over the A53 in terms of software. It comes with Android 11 out of the box, while the A53 ships with Android 10. The A54's newer operating system provides a more refined user experience and better security features.


The Samsung A53 and A54 both have quad-camera setups on the back. The primary camera is a 48-megapixel sensor, followed by a 5-megapixel ultra-wide lens, a 2-megapixel macro lens, and a 2-megapixel depth sensor. The front camera is a 13-megapixel sensor for selfies and video calls.

There isn't much difference in the camera performance of both devices, as they use the same sensors and lenses. Both phones can capture good photos in daylight, but struggle in low-light conditions. The A54 comes with a few additional camera features, such as Night mode, Super Slow-mo, and Hyperlapse, which are missing on the A53. Overall, the camera performance of both devices is satisfactory but not exceptional.

Battery Life

The Samsung A53 and A54 both have a 5,000mAh battery that can last for more than a day on moderate usage. However, the A54 has an advantage over the A53 in terms of charging speed. It comes with a 15W fast charger, while the A53 supports only 10W charging. The A54 can charge from 0 to 100% in around 2 hours, while the A53 takes more than 2 and a half hours to reach full charge.


The Samsung A53 and A54 are both budget smartphones and are priced similarly. However, the A54 is slightly more expensive than the A53. The exact prices may vary depending on the region and the retailer, but generally, the A53 is around $250, while the A54 is around $300.

Camera Samples and Comparison

A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this section, we'll compare the camera performance of Samsung A53 and A54 by taking sample shots in different lighting conditions. We'll examine the color accuracy, sharpness, dynamic range, and low-light performance of both devices to determine which one produces better results.

Comparative Analysis of Battery Life

Battery life is a crucial factor when it comes to choosing a smartphone, especially for users who use their devices heavily throughout the day. In this section, we'll compare the battery life of Samsung A53 and A54 by analyzing their battery capacity, charging time, and usage time. We'll also examine how both devices perform in different scenarios, such as web browsing, video playback, and gaming. This section will provide a comprehensive analysis of the battery life of both devices and help users decide which one is better suited for their needs.

User Reviews and Ratings

Another important aspect to consider when comparing Samsung A53 and A54 is user reviews and ratings. We'll take a look at what users have to say about both devices in terms of performance, camera, battery life, software, and overall value for money. This section will provide valuable insights into real-world usage scenarios and help potential buyers make an informed decision.

Which One is Better?

After analyzing the specifications and features of both devices, it's clear that the Samsung A54 is better than the A53 in some aspects. The A54 has a higher refresh rate display, a newer operating system, and faster charging. However, the A53 has a slightly better processor and is more affordable.

Ultimately, the choice between the Samsung A53 and A54 depends on the user's priorities. If the user prioritizes a better display and software experience, the A54 is a better option. On the other hand, if the user wants better value for money and doesn't mind sacrificing some features, the A53 is a good choice.


The Samsung A53 and A54 are both good budget smartphones that offer decent performance, features, and battery life. However, the A54 has some advantages over the A53 in terms of display, software, and charging. While the A53 has a better processor and is more affordable, it lacks some of the features that the A54 offers. Ultimately, the user's priorities and budget will determine which device is a better fit for them.

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