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Is Motherhood Is A Title?

She swayed her upper body in her tight sports bra and said, "Sorry, but motherhood is a title and I don't believe in titles!"

By Annelise Lords Published 2 months ago 4 min read
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Listening to a bunch of females at the gym while doing my yoga.

"What are you doing for your Mom, on Mother's Day? One of them asks.

"I am taking her to brunch."

"A complete spa treatment from Timmy and I," another one of them boasted.

"I granted her one of her wishes," another voice said giggling.

"And that is?"

"I am not telling you. That's between me and my mom," she said laughing.

Silence maintained until a voice said, "I know your mother is alive and was damn good to you!" All eyes turn to a tall over-done female doing yoga moves while standing up.

I stared at her when she first came in wondering if she was on the runway, or at the gym. Nails, hair, makeup, extra-long eyelashes too.

She swayed her upper body in her tight sports bra and said, "Sorry, but motherhood is a title and I don't believe in titles!"

Shock held the other females, and me, as our inside stirred and the best mother memories played back. Some bad ones for me that I am grateful for.

"Say what!" they screamed in unison.

"We grew up together," one of them reminds her. "I wished your mom was mine. She raised you by herself when your dad got tired of the responsibilities and left. How cruel!"

She swayed her head again, "so what? I didn't ask to be here."

"But you are, and you are having a ball!"

"Yeah," someone else said. "Your expensive Lexus SUV, your posh job, apartment, and all that you own, sat on her right decisions to stay when your father left!"

She was shoved down memory lane.

"She was mother and father to you and us, and we had both parents at home who had no time for us. Girl, are you that wicked?" One of the females asked.

"That's how I feel about all this Mother's Day thing," she explains.

"What the hell is going on?" Another voice cried out. "I didn't know your heart was that dirty. Don't you know that a dirty heart can't maintain love? You owe her for your damn rich and happy life!"

"I am the one who is living my life, not her," she defends.

They all stopped their yoga moves, glared at her, and one of them asked, "What did that godly woman do to you?"

"Besides forcing me to live in this horrible world of chaos and pain?" she asked.

"With your posh job, expensive car, apartment, clothing, shoes, and everything else that you own thanks to her working two damn jobs!"

Another voice adds, "To send you to the best schools. Paying for your college tuition while we had to get loans and work while in college."

"That you didn't have to do," a third voice completes. "You are blaming her for the hell that is going on in our world?"

"No, like her couldn't keep my father at home. Lance left me," she complained.

"What the hell does that poor woman have to do with you can't hold on to a man?" One of them demands.

"She never taught me how to. She remained single to this day," she said in protest.

They stared at her baffled, and then one of them said, "And you intend to punish her for that? Mothers can't teach us everything. Some things, we have to learn from life and on our own by trial and error!"

"Plus you deserve better than Lance," one of her friends assured her.

All three females sighed deeply glaring at her in rage, and one of them said, "Tomorrow is going to be a family/friend Mother's Day treat. I'll pick her mom up."

"I'll take her to get her hair done today, and her nails and toes too," one said walking away.

"I'll take her shopping to get a new outfit for tomorrow," the third female said.

They all walked out of the gym leaving her in guilt or shock.

Some children can be cruel, but life gives us back what we give.

Mother's Day is tomorrow. This female told her mother that, "motherhood is a title and she doesn't believe in titles."

Motherhood is a decision for some females. It's not for others. A loving mother gives her best and sacrifices her health, life, sanity, strength, dreams, and many more to make sure her children's lives are better than hers.

Some of them do it the wrong way, unconsciously giving a smart, sensible child wisdom to make better decisions. Strength to fight for better. Resilience to conquer all of life's trials and tribulations. Innovative ways of living, using creativity to improve their lives. Determination to push through no matter what life throws their way.

Good or bad actions, choices, and decisions, mothers deserve thanks because we learn something from them.

Happy Mother's Day Moms!

If your heart could speak, what would it say?

We find ourselves through challenges life imposes upon us. My mother wasn't the best. But she gave me a reason to be. For that, I thanked her!

Thank you for reading this piece. I hope you enjoyed it.

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