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I am sincere to people, who cares about me?

Heart-to-Heart Wisdom: Navigating Relationships and Love

By Emily Chan - Life and love sharingPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
I am sincere to people, who cares about me?
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Getting along with people is nothing more than a heart-to-heart exchange.

We don’t mind giving a person our heart and soul,

But we don’t mind being taken advantage of by someone as a fool.

Not all sincerity will be treated kindly.

Not all contributions are taken care of.

What people fear most when getting along with others is strangeness after deep friendship and deception after trust.

I don’t have enough friendships with people, but I talk too much and too deeply.

The other party plays every scene, but I take it seriously.

People are not afraid of going the wrong way, but they are afraid of making friends;

Heart, not afraid of being too serious, afraid of giving it to the wrong person.

Sometimes your kindness to others will only spoil those who don’t appreciate it.

Your kindness feeds a heart that does not know how to be grateful.

There is only one heart, and it can’t be warmed up when it’s cold.

Trust is only once, once it is lost, it can never be regained.

Therefore, your contribution should be reserved for those who deserve it.

Communication between people is like a points system,

You can’t always consume other people’s friendship to you, and always be stingy in giving your sincerity.

Love is not one-way, love is not a request,

Only when you know how to cherish can it last forever, and if you know how difficult it is, you can be eternal.

Between people, it all depends on one heart;

Between love and love, it all depends on an inch of truth.

Comparing your heart with your heart, you must have your heart; exchanging your heart for your heart is a heart-to-heart exchange.

In life, the character is the hardest card.

If you show your sincerity to others, there must be friends who share weal and woe.

If you show your falsehood to others, there must be strangers behind you.

If you compare your heart with your heart, you will surely get good love that is hard to buy.

If you fight against each other, you will surely suffer the consequences and have no one to accompany you.

Only by being a human being, with your feet firmly on the ground, can you walk rightly.

In the world, don’t deceive others, only with the truth in your heart can you gain warmth.

In this world, no one will be nice to someone for no reason.

Those who care about you all the time, and always put you first in everything, really love you.

No matter how enthusiastic the heart is, it cannot stand neglect, and no matter how deep the love is, it needs to be cherished.

The song can be repeated as a single, and people can’t make mistakes and reproduce it.

Love can be flat, but the heart can’t turn a blind eye.

Among those people who go back and forth in life, after all, there are still more people who play on occasion, and fewer people who treat each other sincerely.

Remember those who help you; don’t pay attention to those who hurt you.

Who is sincere to you, who you care about.

Whoever is true to you is more true, and whoever is false to you turns around.

When you receive love, multiply love by ten, and you will be more compassionate.

When giving love, divide love by ten, and you won’t be too sad and lost.

For the rest of your life, I hope you will be a simple person, neither humble to please nor overly indifferent.

Leave the caring to those who love you, and leave the treasure to those who are grateful!

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