How to Stay Motivated

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Just a Few Simple Tips on How to Stay Motivated!

How to Stay Motivated

Keeping up motivation can be a tough thing to do. Whether it's for school, work or your daily life and we don't tend to do anything about it. So, here's seven tips on how to stay motivated!

Tip Number 1: Set Your Goal

Start off with one simple goal like, I want to get a job, or I will study for this test. Sometimes you just need to take a few steps back and think about what you really need to do. Put your distractions aside, stop procrastinating and get on it! The reason you should set goals are because your mind will move towards the more specific and more real thoughts than the uncertain. The more you move forward, the more specific your goals will get, you will become more motivated, and eventually more likely to achieve success.

Tip Number 2: Visualize

What will happen after you set your goals? After you achieve them? Stop where you are and think, what does my future hold? Visualize where you see yourself in one year, then 5, then 10. Will you achieve all your goals by then? Where will you live? What career path will you choose? There's an endless amount of questions. BUT, it is not a bad thing to think all these things. It's good to visualize what you see your future looking like. Write it down, keep track of your goals and slowly achieving them. Once you are able to read back on it, it'll be easier for you to set your long term goals and stay motivated to fulfill them.

Tip Number 3: Find the Reason

The reason for setting your goal can be a very powerful thing for staying motivated. They can't just be random, silly reasons, they should be logical and deep reasons that give your life meaning. If you set a goal in the past, and never had a reason for it, then now is the time to go back and find that reason to accomplishing that goal. Goals tend to lose their meaning when they don't end up having any reason, or the reasons don't end up being important to us. If you want to stay motivated, FIND that reason.

Tip Number 4: Contribute

Sometimes we tend to get so caught up in our own lives, our own world, that we forget everything else that is happening around us. We forget about the problems happening, the tragedies striking and don't end up doing anything about it. By contributing to these other places, you gain perspective on your life and learn to appreciate what you have than what you don't. By experiencing that it can motivate you even more. A lot of people out there have it worse than us, and by contributing you give meaning to your life, and develop a deeper sense of self connection with yourself and your community also.

Tip Number 5: Create a Plan

By creating plans, such as using a weekly planner or a calendar, you're automatically making your goals that much more real. No matter how small your task can be for the day, it will bring you one step closer to your goal and that is what matters in the long run. Track your progress. When you look back, you can see what you've accomplished and it will motivate you to keep going further. You can build perspective and enhance your daily life by creating plans.

Tip Number 6: Research

Now, I know that doesn't sound fun but there's many different methods of research you can try. You can watch YouTube videos on different topics, or on how to stay motivated in general, you can watch TED talks, read books or articles, there's an endless line of things you can do to stay motivated. It just depends on what your goal(s) are/is.

Tip Number 7: Don't Give Up

Never stop trying. You'll always hit that breaking point, but you're going to have to pick yourself up and put yourself together because no one else will do it for you. In order to stay motivated you have to get up, start your day and run through those obstacles, because if you don't then you'll never get to the finish line. Stop laying in your bed, going on Instagram, and watching Netflix. Pick yourself up, set your goal for the day and go for it. When you consistently do that, you'll automatically be motivated to every day and you'll always be one step closer to reaching your goal!

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