Overcoming Fears

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A Small Guide on How You Can Overcome Your Fears

Overcoming Fears

Hello! I'm back. With another topic. Another conversation. Today I'm going to be talking about fears, and well, overcoming them. Fear is not fun. I think we can all agree on that, but it's a part of life, as we all know. Fear can be anything around us, whether it's spiders, roller coasters, heights, or on the more serious side, natural disasters, disease, death. Anyone can get through fear, you just actually have to go through with it, but with some people (me) fear clings to us like lint on our clothes. It's a part of who we are, so it's nothing to be ashamed of really. If you aren't ready to face your fears, then don't worry the time will come. If you're here reading this though, then I'm pretty sure you want to take a step forward, and learn how to kill a spider, or go on a roller coaster or skydive. Here's how to overcome those fears.

You have to be aware of your fears. Before you can start overcoming your fears, you have to be aware that they are in your life, and causing problems. We can get so attached to our feelings/thoughts and think that's all that exists, but you are not your fears, you are just the thing that experiences them. Start thinking about why your afraid of what you are. Is it the appearance? Is it what can happen if you experience it? Let me tell you. Do it. Just do it. You never know if you're really afraid until you actually get the chance to experience it, right? So go on, don't be afraid of what can happen next, live in the now, and before you know it, you won't be afraid anymore.

Now, fears aren't just killing bugs or riding rides at the amusement park. Fears can be in the mind, or any serious matter in this case. It can even be talking to someone you like, dealing with mental health, or the thought of a loved one passing, which I'm pretty sure everyone has. There are many ways you can overcome these things, like I said before, we can get so attached to our feelings and the thoughts in our heads, that we start to believe that's all there is to fear. But trust me, that isn't true. Overcoming a fear can be hard for some people, so one of the easiest ways to start overcoming your fears, is talking about them. Open up, talk to your friends or your family, why are you afraid of it? And maybe they can help you overcome whatever is you fear. I was so scared of haunted houses, well I still am, if I am being honest. One day my cousin forced me to go to a haunted house and while I kept saying no, he forcefully bought my ticket and made me face my fears. After I came out I thought, that was nothing, but as I expected, i'm still scared, but knowing I faced my fear once, made me think I can do it again if I really try. Talking really helps, and the help of others certainly does too. Always know, you never have to go through these things alone! Now, fears come in many different forms and if you want to overcome it, read about it. Search up whatever it is you fear, and learn about it. Reading about it can really help open the doors to overcoming it, and they can certainly motivate you too. Reading other people's experience can also inspire you, because knowing that someone else has gone through what you can go through or about to go through, can inspire you to prepare for it, and set that mindset for everything else.

Start taking action! Once you really go for it, and face your fear without hesitation then you'll come to realize, the reality isn't as bad as your imagination made it out to be. Everything can be okay, just face them, because the longer you wait the more you won't want to. But don't worry because there is also a right time for everything.

Hope that helped :)

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